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My husband and I worked with Max and his team to secure a mortgage for the purchase of an investment property in South Austin.

02/26/2013 by Sarah R.
Location: Austin
Neighborhood: South Austin

Max was extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and best of all – got us a killer rate that couldn’t be beat! Additionally, his processor Janey was a pleasure to work with and got our loan approved so fast we were able to close several days ahead of our requested schedule. Max will be the first person we call when we need another mortgage in the future.

AMAZING!!! My husband and I had such a lovely experience.

02/20/2013 by Jessica T.
Location: Austin, TX

She really took the time to break everything down for us and explain everything in terms us first time home buyers can really understand. I think we called her at least 10 times throughout the process and she never made us feel like we were a bother to her.

We got an incredible rate (USDA home loan) and the entire process went so smoothly, we were left wondering why we hadn’t tried to buy a home earlier!

We would give the Max Leaman Team much more than 5 stars! Go see them if you want a smooth, painless lending experience, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

After very frustrating responses from several lenders and mortgage companies, including GMAC my current loan servicer, I called Max Leaman

02/13/2013 by J.A.
Location: Plano, TX

From start to finish, they were friendly, helpful, and upfront about refinancing my home. I had difficulty getting Good Faith Estimates from other companies, but Max Leaman Prime was honest and true to their word.
Jori was very easy to work with always responsive to calls and emails.
I had totally dreaded the process. If I had known how easy refinancing would be with Max Leaman, I would have done it long ago.

Oh, and did I mention they also offered me the best rate? I was very satisfied and would highly recommend Max Leaman Prime Lending to anyone in need of mortgage services!

2wks to close (11Jan on Loan Application, 25Jan at Closing).

02/13/2013 by T.T.
Location: Houston, TX

Went perfectly, never heard of a closing going faster. Almost all by emails and .pdf too.

The Leaman team was amazing from start to finish with my refinance.

02/13/2013 by Rod F.
Location: Dallas, TX

They were able to do what two other companies could not. Jori, I can’t thank you enough for making the process simple, quick, and painless. Plus, you kept me updated on a regular basis so I was never in the dark. I have recommended you highly to friends and acquaintances.

Assisted in obtaining a mortgage loan on a renovated single family residence.

01/30/2013 by R.N.
Location: Austin

Great experience. I was in the position of having to base my pending home purchase on primarily self-employment income. There were other mitigating factors as well. The combination of these factors created a lot of uneasiness. I called a few other brokers prior to placing a call to Max. He was very personable and easy to talk to from the onset. My conversations with him were preliminary as he laid the groundwork as to what to expect and any difficulties I may encounter in obtaining a loan.

Regarding price, the team provide a generous closing credit in exchange for a small bump in my rate and in order to match another quote I received from an online lender. I much preferred working with someone local, especially a group with such a positive reputation…so their price flexibility made my decision easy.

Of all the professionals I dealt with in the home buying process, is the one entity I have no hesitation in recommending to friends, family, and the community.

Fantastic experience! Best refinance rate out there.

01/30/2013 by T.O.
Location: Plano, TX

I specifically asked for Jori Stern since I liked what I had read about her work. I was not disappointed in the least.

From start to finish, Jori was extremely responsive to questions, and responded to her emails almost immediately. Jori always gave straight answers without leaving me feeling like I was talking to someone trying to pressure me or trying to sell me something.

Even though Prime Lending is based out of Austin, I did all of our business over the phone and email and it couldn’t have been more stress/hassle free. At closing, they sent out a notary to my home at my convenience and we signed all of the closing documents in my kitchen. The notary left me a CD ROM with all of the documents I signed on there as PDF files. I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

This is my second refinance and I was so impressed by Jori’s service and attention to detail combined with outstanding customer service, that I can tell you I will never use another lending company for a home purchase or refinance so long as Jori works in this business. My wife and I plan on purchasing another home within the next 5-7 years and I hope that Jori is still in the business at that time.

I have already personally recommended her and this company to several co-employees. Go with this company, specifically Jori, and you will not be disappointed!

Max Leaman Austin Mortgage was reccomended to us by our outstanding Realtor Kim Horther .

01/21/2013 by Martin C.
Location: Austin, TX

We challenged the team with a request to close our purchase a day after the close on the sale of our current home. They were extremely responsive during the entire process and went the extra mile to ensure the transaction completed on time. Overall, team did a great job. We would not hesitate to recommend or use their services again.

They were our lenders for our first home, and like everyone says, Max were the BEST!

01/15/2013 by Paige J.
Location: Austin, TX

They got us an amazing rate, worked with us on everything we had questions or problems understanding, and were very available via phone and email. Could not be happier.

They sold the loan to WF, but still write us/send xmas cards/send us tax paperwork etc. They are very thorough, thoughtful and overall AMAZING!

Will most certainly use them again!

Max was fantastic. He got us a competitive mortgage rate even matching a quote from one of the big nameless, faceless national chains.

01/15/2013 by Colin D.
Location: Austin, Texas

He helped move things along quickly such that we closed a critical week early so we could get painting done before we moved in. And he even showed up to the closing to make sure everything went smoothly and the money came through.

In addition to all of that he was friendly, fast and everyone in his office was very responsive whether it was over the phone or email. Really, he was as good as I could have imagined any lender being and better than I ever expected my lender to be.

If you go with anyone else, you are wasting valuable time.

01/11/2013 by Ernie P.
Location: Austin, TX

Getting a loan is not only hard work, but also very stressful. Max and his team have a way of minimizing the impact and maximizing results. My wife and I are very pleased with the level of service and ease, and we are now enjoying our new home. I would recommend Max in a heartbeat!

Refinanced our home mortgage to take advantage of lower interest rates

01/10/2013 by M.B.
Location: Garland, TX

The entire experience was of the highest quality. Every question was answered promptly and professionally, every request was made respectively and responses acknowledged with a thank you. Even though I am in Dallas the entire process was easily handled over email and the phone. I didn’t even have to leave my house for the closing, the notary came to me! Its such a pleasure to use the services of such a high quality business. Based on my experience I would highly recommend them to anyone shopping for a mortgage or refinance.

Max and his team are amazing. I cannot say enough good things about how professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with he (and his team) is.

01/09/2013 by Laura G.
Location: Austin

Our seller filed bankruptcy before the close date and things could have gone so much worse if I didn’t have somebody who knew what he was doing and cared as much as Max did. highly recommend.

Being a first time homebuyer is pretty scarry but Prime Lending guided us every step of the way,…

01/07/2013 by Cristina N.
Location: Austin, TX

…offered unparalled customer service, and excellent rates.

At closing my realtor and the title insurance rep commented on how impressed they were with the Leaman Prime Mortgage Team. I did my research and I’m glad we choose to go with a smaller shop – we got the very same great rates and excellent customer service. So if you’re looking for a mortgage broker, look no further.

I found Max Leaman to be very efficient, proficient and always available to answer my questions.

01/02/2013 by Charles S.
Location: Austin, TX

Max helped secure the financing I needed to purchase a new home in late 2012, I got a fantastic rate, had no surprises @ closing and they literally took the stress out of closing. I would highly recommend using Max as your next mortgage broker.

Jori Stern and the Max Leaman team helped us with refinancing our home.

01/02/2013 by J.M.
Location: Mesquite, TX

From the original contact in August 2012 to the final closing in October 2012, Jori took us step by step through the refinancing process. All aspects of the refinancing were clearly explained and handled, and everything was completed in a professional manner. We were very satisfied with the whole process and would wholeheartedly recommend Jori and the Max Leaman team for any mortgage needs.

Max is Top Notch

01/01/2013 by David S.
Location: Austin
Neighborhood: Crestview

I first worked with Max about a year ago when he came highly recommended by our outstanding real estate agent, Arlene Maze. Max and his team proved to be not only consummate professionals, but Max is also a joy to work with and brings good humor to what might otherwise be dreary business. He offered extensive knowledge of financing a home, was very personable and pleasant to work with, was fast and efficient in processing the loan for a quick closing, and his fees were very reasonable if not low. What more could you ask for?

Based on this excellent experience, Max was an obvious choice when we signed a contract on a condominium last fall, with our son as a co-owner. Because our son had low income, and the seller was an investment group that had foreclosed on the property and had just converted it from a duplex to condos, this deal was considerably more complicated than usual. Despite numerous difficulties, Max came through with flying colors. First he lined up financing that had been difficult to obtain due to our son’s credit status, and then he went to bat for us with the lender and got us a lower interest rate than competitors could provide. Then he waded through multiple hassles with the seller and their marginally competent closing agent, and still brought the deal in on time, all at a bargain price.

If I ever buy another piece of property, I will certainly be calling Max Leaman for the financing.

Financed the purchase of a primary residence (approx. $100K purchase price) in Garland, TX.

12/28/2012 by C.S.
Location: Garland, TX

Although I have a bias in favor of local companies, I included Max Leamon as one of the companies I asked for quotes.

From first contact to wrapping up loose ends after closing, Max Leamon in Austin managed our application and financing process without missing a step. I had intended to do business with another broker, and was simply getting other quotes on rates, etc., as a matter of good business.

Although PL-Leamon is located in Austin (we are in Garland), we quickly established an excellent working relationship via phone and email. outstanding communicators — I’ve never before experienced the level of communication they maintained, keeping me informed, answering questions — it’s all been prompt, clear, accurate, personable.
The entire process moved forward quickly, without a single delay, miscommunication, or unpleasant surprise. Not only did they meet all promised deadlines, but in some cases, they exceeded them. When the inevitable minor hitches came up (e.g., an address missing for a former mortgage, an unconventional survey), they called immediately and worked with me to solve the problems in the most efficient way possible.
Don’t mistake this company as a mortgage mill, however. They are thorough and professional — you and the property have to truly qualify, which is (as we all know) in everyone’s best interests.

I am always glad to share “con’s” in reviews, but this transaction was all “pro’s.” As for do’s and dont’s — I’d just say DO give Max Leaman a chance to tell you what they can do for you and compare it with others you are considering; if you go with them, for the best result, be prepared to be a good team member — be responsive in getting accurate info and documents to them when they ask and keep the communication open.
I will probably always get more than one quote when financing property, but will be at the top of the shortlist of possibilities, and I’d expect them to get my business every time, after this experience.

Refinancing of existing home.

12/28/2012 by M.C.
Location: Austin, TX

I chose Max Leaman and I do not regret that decison. From start to finish, it was an informative and hassle-free process. Jori was fantastic in terms of her responsiveness and in securing the lowest interest rate possible. I liked that everything was taken care of through their website and via phone calls – the only time I met anyone in person was at the actual closing, which went without a hitch. I highly recommend using them.

My experience with Max Leaman Austin Mortgage was quite pleasent and quick.

12/27/2012 by Chance H.
Location: Leander, TX

I’ve tried before to refinance my house in Leander TX and ran into several bad mortgage companies and a slew of bad advice. With the Max Leaman group I was able to refinance my house in a short amount of time with the help of a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Big kudos to their Senior Loan Officer, Jori Stern.

Prime Lending provided mortgage brokering services for a rental property purchase in Texas.

12/26/2012 by P.R.
Location: Austin

We located Prime Lending to assist us in securing a mortgage on a rental property we purchased in Texas. Since we do not live in Texas they helped us navigate the borrowing process. This was our first purchase of a rental property and given we are out of state the whole process went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Prime Lending.

We were new to the area. Max was highly rated so we went with him and we are glad we did.

12/26/2012 by J.H.
Location: Cedar Park, TX

The process was straight forward. I brought in the documents I had. Max laid out our options and told us what else we needed. We provided that and the rest just went smoothly.

But our choice of Max really paid off when we ended up putting an offer on a house that already had three other offers on it. The seller’s agent asked who our mortgage lender was and when we said Max our name went to the top of the list because of Max’s reputation. We got the house. Thanks Max.

Refinanced my 10 year old home. The experience was awesome!

12/26/2012 by O.A.
Location: Richmnd, Texas

Jori was great from beginning to end. As soon as I talked to her on the phone I knew she was a no bull kind of person. In fact, I knew I was going with this company the second I talked to Jori. Not once did I feel like I was talking to a car salesman unlike other mortgage companies. Jori explained everything clearly and in detail. Email communication was excellent and closing was surprisingly easy! They came to me at my house to close and it only took 30 minutes.

Max Leaman is an awesome example of what a business should be. Great service, awesome people, and I even saved $400 a month with the refinance. These are the kind of people we all should keep in business. Very happy with them!

We got a loan for our first home

12/21/2012 by T.T.
Location: Austin, TX

Our realtor recommended we use. From the moment that we walked in the office, we felt at ease. We were very nervous about the prospect of home ownership. By the time we left the office that day, we were much more confident with the entire process.

The rest is as they say, history. we couldn’t be happier. We would definitely use this group if we need their services again.

I went to Max based on this review. This was my first house and I had an unbelievable amount of questions and concerns.

12/21/2012 by John B.
Location: Austin, TX

My rate is amazing and I will recommend Max any time anyone brings up mortgages or buying a home. This 5-star rating is 100% deserved and I’d give more if possible.

5 Stars

12/21/2012 by Stephen S.
Location: Austin

Recently finished a refinance of my house through them and it all went quite well – incredibly nice staff. Highly recommended.

My fiance and I cannot express how amazing Max and his team were with our first time home buying purchase.

12/21/2012 by Jona V.
Location: Austin, TX

He was so responsive in helping us understand the process or when we needed changes based on our contracts. In one week, I think we had over 15 requests and they answered all our questions within minutes and was always positive and helpful.

The rate we got for our mortgage was better than any other lender or bank offered. People are still surprised when they hear what rate we got. You will not be disappointed with Max and team. They really made this whole experience awesome.

Max Leaman team was an awesome group to work with on refinancing my home mortgage.

12/21/2012 by Jamie D.
Location: Austin, Texas

Jori and her co-workers were extremely friendly, helpful and efficient. The prices were lower than most of the other places I checked. Float down option they offer is good. And, they seemed very knowledgeable about the mortgage/refi process. They are up to date with electronic transfer and security so the documentation process is a snap. Very efficient and responsive so timeframe to refinace is small. Overall an excellent experience.

I refinanced my primary home through Max Leaman’s office. Jori took great care of my refinance from beginning to end.

12/19/2012 by K.M.
Location: Allen, TX

She was up front about the schedule that was required and ensured we stayed on track to meet the schedule. Jori was very responsive to all my communications. I was able to secure a competitive rate while working with a professional company. They were also able to work with clients with more than 4 financed properties which is my situation. I will be refinancing another property with them soon.

We learned of Max Leaman through our realtor. His team is the absolute best

12/17/2012 by Drew D.
Location: Austin, TX

I truthfully cannot recall a time when I’ve received such well-rounded, thorough customer service. My wife and I knew that we were taken care of, which left us the ability to focus on finding the perfect house. Just give them a call; you will be so thankful you did.

We refinanced with Max Leaman and dealt primarily with Jori Stern. The experience could not have been smoother.

12/17/2012 by Kathleen S.
Location: Austin

Jori was fantastic about communicating promptly and answering our questions completely. Jori gave us a closing date early in the process and we actually closed on that date with no problems. I highly recommend Jori and Max Leaman’s team.

To put it simply, Max is pretty amazing…. Fast, convenient, efficient and friendly.

12/13/2012 by Raul T.
Location: Austin

Every question I needed answered he answered and then some. He even went beyond what he needed to so that I could get my house in time to host some guests for ACL. Without reservation or hesitation would I recommend him to anyone I know. I am actually going to formally start the process to get my sister’s house refinanced and she doesn’t even live in Austin! He is just an all around nice professional guy.

Highly recommended by someone who complains about everything!

I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better experience with my first mortgage.

12/13/2012 by Adam M.
Location: Austin, TX

Jori and the entire team at Max Leaman were outstanding and made the process incredibly painless. None of the other brokers in town could even get close to their competitive rates/fees. Do yourself a favor next time you’re mortgage shopping, and contact the Leaman team. Don’t waste your time anywhere else!

Max and the whole team made purchasing our first home as easy as can be.

11/12/2012 by Marc D.
Location: Austin, TX

Emails were always responded to promptly, and the Leaman team’s customer service was topnotch. We closed with an unbelievably low rate, and there were no surprises at or leading up to closing. Max explained the entire mortgage process. Moreover, my wife and I put in an offer on a house that had four other offers submitted within the first 24 hours of being listed on the MLS. Later that week, our offer was accepted of multiple other offers. Several offers were almost identical to ours, but the seller’s agent said that that the reputation of team Leaman (as well as the reputation and skill of our Agent, Mark Strub) for smooth closings tipped the sellers to choose our offer. After hearing a few closing horror stories, we’re glad that we chose Max and his team to help us close without stress.

Two refinances for my fourplex investment property and my primary residence.

11/07/2012 by C.S.
Location: Manchaca, TX

I worked with Jori Stern on refinancing both properties. I have five properties, which makes underwriting difficult to impossible, and she and her group were able to accommodate my needs on time with no catches. They were responsive in answering any questions and providing status updates on the loan. Jori also helped me determine the optimal origination points to pay when closing, and offer suggestions on the principal balance of my new loans.

Max and his team have their act together.

11/06/2012 by Jim M.
Location: Austin, TX

They get the job done efficiently and can work with you in what ever communication format works best for you. Great work for a fair price – Highly recommended!

Max and his team were great to work with.

11/06/2012 by D.K.
Location: Willis, TX

They are all very professional and work hard to make sure that their clients are happy and close in a timely fashion. No matter whether you live in Austin, Houston or Dallas I recommend Max and his team.

The entire process was smooth from start to finish except for one small hiccup that Max worked fast to fix and did so.

Max and his team were fantastic!

11/06/2012 by N.S.
Location: Round Rock, TX

They helped us through each step of the process and offered suggestions on how to structure our loan to get the best terms. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone who has questions about purchasing a home and wants to know that they are in good hands.

Jori helped us from start to finish. She guided us through the process and explained any questions we had.

11/06/2012 by J.A.
Location: San Antonio, TX

We got a much lower interest rate and we calculated that we can save over $100,000 in interest just from the new mortgage they gave us. Thanks so much Jori and Prime Lending.

From a Realtor’s perspective Max is a great resource.

10/18/2012 by Jonathon Haack, Grow With Austin (Keller Williams Realty)
Location: Austin, TX

Detail Oriented
On time delivery
Get it done attitude
Generous with time
Great staff support
Understands Condo projects

I feel comfortable that I can send clients his way and they will have a smooth experience.

I just wanted to let you know Jori did and exceptional job with my refi, and thus far I couldn’t be happier.

10/17/2012 by I.B.
Location: Austin

She was flexiblie with scheduling, offered a myriad of options allowing me to taylor the loan to my needs, and she was fun to work with! The process went very smoothly. I had a feeling you handled your hiring as well as you handle finance, and I was not disappointed. Thank you for maintaining such a high standard of quality within your organization, and with your staff. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys again, and I won’t hesitate to come back or to refer you guys out. Excellent job, thank you!

I chose Max as a lender after reading these previous reviews and comparing his rates with others.

10/15/2012 by J. Ryan S.
Location: Austin, TX

I was very pleased with his level of customer service, which was especially important to me as a first-time homebuyer. I had many questions through the process, but Max or someone on his team was always able to respond promptly, frequently via email, which is important to me, as I try to avoid talking on the phone if I can.

Buying a home is one of the most complex things an individual can take on, but with Max working with me, I always knew what was going on every step of the way. I highly recommend working with him.

I am FINALLY getting around to writing this review that I should have written a few months ago.

10/03/2012 by Adam C.
Location: Austin, Texas

You know what reminded me? The card I received in the mail for my birthday with a $5 Starbucks gift card. Not bad, eh?

Max and team were great. My wife and I bought our first home this summer and they guided us through the loan process. To start, they asked us questions about our price range and offered estimates of what the initial fees and monthly costs would be for each loan. This helped us greatly when we finally found a place since it gave us a nice ballpark of our payments.

When we found our home they were quick and efficient with their document requests and made the loan process a breeze. The rate was competitive and the closing was simple. Great first time home buying experience.

There is a reason that Prime Lending has so many great reviews and I am happy to add!

09/13/2012 by T.M.
Location: Austin, TX

Buying my first home was overwhelming and stressful. Prime Lendings rates were the best and their customer service is superior. I highly highly recommend.

Contacted to refinance my home.

09/11/2012 by A.F.
Location: Cypress, TX

I had checked two other mortage companies including the current mortgage holder and found to have the best refi rate. Took approximately one month to close.

I worked with Jori Stern on the refinance loan and found her to be professional and courteous. She quickly responded to e-mails and/or phone calls. The process took about a month. With the refinance option provided I saved approximately 25% off my monthly payment and the closing costs were minimal. I definitely recommed using.

Lending did a ReFi on my home from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage.

09/11/2012 by P.M.
Location: Bulverde, Texas

I can’t tell you how responsive and professional Jori Stern was. She was knowledgeable and well-informed on all aspects of my refinance, and was always available to answer any questions that I had concerning the process. The refinance process went smooth from beginning to end. I would definitely use them again for any home financial needs I may have.

I never do reviews, but I have to weigh in on Max.

09/10/2012 by Brian H.
Location: Austin, Texas

He was awesome and I’ll wouldn’t suggest working with anyone else. Max and his team were fast, helpful, and responsive. My realtor couldn’t believe how quickly his team was able to get things processed and what a great rate he was able to get me. Definitely recommend working w/ Max.

Could not help with my exact situation, but gave me great advice!

09/07/2012 by V.K.
Location: Houston, TX

If I need his expertise in the future, I definitely will call.

Could not ask for a better experience in refinancing your home.

09/07/2012 by B.H.
Location: Austin, TX

wonderful! Thank You!

Moving to Austin and its face paced realty market was challenging from the beginning.

09/06/2012 by Todd C.
Location: Central Austin, Texas

Houses were moving faster than our realtor s car down Mopac. We did find a nice house in central Austin and got our offer in its first day on the market. Max one of the reasons they accepted our offer over several others was the reputation of Prime Lending in Max s office. Ultimately, everything went great from escrow to close.

This is my second review and my second time using Max and his crew for a mortgage because we closed on two homes in the last 90 days.

09/05/2012 by Roxanne S.
Location: Austin, TX

Read my first review from 6/14/2012 for the details but to put it simply all the AMAZING things you’ve read in all the reviews are all true. They get back to you immediately, nothing is a problem ever, they answer your calls on weekends, and everything runs SO smoothly.

If you’re a first time home buyer they hold your hand, explain everything to you and take the fear out of getting a mortgage.

They impressed my realtor so much that she now refers all her clients to them.

If my whole life ran as smoothly as their organization does I could leap tall buildings in a single bound.

It was great. See my June 14, 2012 Review.

We were recommended to Max by a close friend after being disappointed by our first mortgage lender appointment.

08/30/2012 by Jason E.
Location: Austin, TX

As first time home buyers, the whole process was very intimidating but the team at Max Leaman was great! Jori handled our paperwork and was knowledgeable, very helpful, and never made us feel silly with our questions. We talked to a few people on the team and they were all great!

I would definitely recommend you give Max and his team a call if you are looking to buy a house.

Max Leaman is a mortgage lender and we used his services to finance our recently purchased home.

08/13/2012 by L.C.
Location: Round Rock, TX

Max gave us good information, helped with entire process, answered more questions than he probably ever thought he would and was always gracious, helpful, smiling, and ready to be there. He would email, text, or call…….whatever it took.

Recently we sold our former home and bought another. With all the bad publicity regarding mortgage lenders and who is trustworthy and who is not, I was concerned about finding a lender we could trust. Luckily I was given a very good reference for Max Leaman. The BBB showed positive ratings. I found this to certainly be the case with Max. From the moment I called Max he has been there. He has answered every question, he has provided information I would never have thought to ask about, or know about. And, sometimes Max answered questions and addressed concerns he had already answered and addressed before. Max did everything he could to make the buying process easy and tried his best to ensure I had nothing to worry about regarding the financing before, during, or after the purchase of our home. Max is a good man with integrity. I found him to be honest and he cares about his customers. When Max was on vacation he made sure there was someone that would be available, immediately, while he was gone. I had a couple of questions and the staff were accessible from the moment I called.

If ever I am in need of a lender again, I will call Max because I can trust him.He made the “borrowing/financing” process painless, easy, and if not enjoyable, at least gratifying. I can’t say enough good things about him. Thank you, Max!!

We recently decided to purchase a house and Max and his team were very helpful and great to work with.

08/07/2012 by C.R.
Location: Austin, TX

He always responded to my phone calls within a couple of hours and answered my questions even after the final paperwork was completed.

Simply put, Max gave my wife and I the very best mortgage rate, credit at closing and hassle-free, professional lending experience I have encountered

07/12/2012 by D.H.
Location: Austin, Texas

…since buying my first house in Austin some 25 years ago. He is very knowledgeable about the mortgage industry and I felt he was really working for our best interests. He had the very best rate of the four lenders I talked to and made our qualifying and closing process as easy as I’ve ever encountered when buying a home. I highly recommend Max and Prime Lending.

I am a skeptic. I gave Max a chance due to his huge list of 5-star Yelp reviews but went in thinking

07/09/2012 by Andrew C.
Location: Austin, TX

… There’s a catch here somewhere. As it turns out, he’s just that good and he earns his 5-star reviews. He got me a great rate and lower closing costs than all the other people I went to (and I went to a LOT). That’s basic math right there… his numbers were the lowest and that’s what matters. An added bonus is that he is very friendly and was great to work with. I’m still a skeptic but I feel comfortable recommending him to my friends.

We went to Max to get pre-approved solely based on the reviews here.

06/30/2012 by Jenny L.
Location: Austin, TX

We ended up going with him for our mortgage because 1) he offered the best rates and 2) he and his team offered unparalleled customer service.

He’s three things that are hard to find in one mortgage professional:
Extremely knowledgeable
Extremely responsive
Extremely personable

I really can’t say more other than he could not have impressed us more. This is as pleasurable as getting a mortgage gets, people.

I got a mortgage for a home my wife and I were purchasing in Denton Tx.

06/27/2012 by Tom C.
Location: Denton, Texas

I saw all the positive reviews and decided to give them a try and I am very glad I did.
Their fees were fair and the final cost at closing was very close (actually a little lower) than the Good Faith Estimate.
I have purchased seven homes over the past 30 years and this was one of the smoothest thanks to Max’s Team.They were always quick to respond to questions. Don’t worry about not meeting with a Loan Officer face to face.They are very good at closing loans over the phone and via email.

I found Max through this site when I googled “Best Austin Mortgage Lenders.”

06/14/2012 by Greg L.
Location: Houston, TX

The first thing I thought was “These reviews are too good to be true!” The second thing I thought was “Holy smokes – I went to middle school with this guy!” While I know I might be one of the few individuals who worked with Max and knew him years ago, but what I also know is that he gives the same personal, professional attention to all of his customers. We were looking for houses in Houston, and we did most of our work on the weekends. This was never an issue for Max, as he was available at a moments notice to send pre-qual letters, etc.

When you’re buying a house there are so many variables that are difficult, if not impossible to control. If you choose Max as your lender, I guarantee that part of your home buying equation will be good to go. Plus – the best part is you don’t have to sacrifice on rates to get 5 star service. Max is very competitive AND a master of customer service.

Thanks Max! We’ll be back in a few years when it’s time to move!

I recently sold my house and bought another at the same time.

06/14/2012 by Jeff S.
Location: Austin

Max and his team made the entire process seamless and easy. He helped alleviate my stress and managed to lock me into a great rate. I would highly recommend anyone to use Max and will, without a doubt, use him again in any future needs. He is the best at what he does!

They made it so easy we took out another mortgage with them for income property and we’ll be closing with them on July 31, 2012.

06/14/2012 by Roxanne S.
Location: Austin, TX

Max Leaman and his team literally “walk on water”.

I told my husband and, actually, everybody I know that, If the rest of my life could only run as smoothly as the mortgage process did with Max and his crew I absolutely KNOW that I could “leap tall buildings in a single bound!”

We closed on May 18, 2012.

They made it SO easy that we decided to do it again (I know I couldn’t believe it either!!) but we did and it’s even easier this time! . . . I LOVE these people!
It’s income property this time and we are closing with them again on July 31, 2012.

I’d never go anywhere else for a mortgage.

My other bank mortgage guy was a pain in the butt . . . but with Max and his crew everything is always ‘no big deal’.

You owe it to yourself to call these people . . . they “walk on water” and I guarantee, ‘you’ll love them, too!’

financed our house. We worked with Max.

06/12/2012 by Jeremy M.
Location: Austin, TX

I’m no financial expert, so I can’t tell you exactly what they did behind the scenes, but it got us in the house we wanted at a great interest rate.

We found while in the market for a house. They were open and honest about everything, and transparent about the whole process. The overall experience was much less stressful than our previous home purchase.
Max didn’t make us feel stupid for asking what I’m certain were some occasionally stupid questions. We got a great interest rate on our home and didn’t get taken for a ride. I’d say that’s a successful experience with a lender.

We’ve searched everywhere for a lender, now we have one for a lifetime.

06/01/2012 by Todd & Traci M.
Location: Austin

You will likely read many reviews previous to ours. You will find that they praise the professionalism and timely performance of Max and his team. You will likely determine after reading many that the Leaman team may just be the best choice. Do not spend more time reading the reviews. Instead, spend the time calling Max and get a loan. After buying and selling homes in four different cities in the last 20 years, we have yet to come across a lender with this much skill and professionalism.

Here’s why we think he’s the best lender:

He studies your file thoroughly and tells you what is doable. He delivers when he says he will and will prepare you properly so he can. He replies quickly. He is upfront about your circumstances. His fees beat the major lenders. He does not surprise you with hidden costs and fees. His rates are just as competitive as other lenders. He will answer all of your questions. He knows what underwriting will approve, unlike a mortgage broker working with a multitude of lenders. He is there when you need him. When we did need him, he instantly got us a last-minute, deal-making pre-approval letter that led to our winning our new home against two other bidders-and he did that while on vacation!

He makes you feel secure about your loan through the entire process. If you prefer honesty, security and a loan, call Max. We will.

Although I cannot refinance my Austin fourplex at this time, I have been working with Jori Stern and want you to know what wonderful job she has done.

05/23/2012 by Nancy S.
Location: Austin, Texas

She is not only personable and professional, but very knowledgeable. She has been a delight to work with! Next spring when I turn 66 and am receiving additional income, I will return to Jori and reapply for a re-fi. With the re-fi industry so much more regulated than in 2002 when I purchased, I understand the rules are much stricter.

Thank you for having such a talented young woman work with me. I look forward to contacting the Max Leaman Team next spring and working with Jori again!

Max is awesome. He loves cookies. Oh, you want to know more?

05/11/2012 by Crystal A.
Location: Austin, TX

From the moment I called, he put me at ease. Buying a house is a really big deal, especially the first time. Max explained everything to us, worked with our crazy schedules, and communicates like nobody’s business. He is always prompt with replies to emails, voice mails, etc. When he gives you his cell phone number and says “Don’t be afraid to use it,” he means it. He got us a pre-qualification letter on a Saturday, y’all!

It’s true, Max is so friendly you’d want to hang out over a pint of beer. He’s also very professional. I never had any doubt that the job was getting done. Max is even there for the closing, which I hear is unheard of! Unfortunately for us, our closing got pushed back HOURS later and no one told Max, so he wasted a trip. Was he mad? Nope. He was just happy we got to close later that day. The ladies in Max’s office are wonderful as well. The whole office is incredible, and the next time we buy a house, we’ll put him back on speed dial. The best thing is that even though we’re all moved in, I bet I could call and ask Max a stupid question and he would be as sweet and helpful as ever.

I don’t think I could give anyone else a more enthusiastic recommendation (except maybe my realtor, who works with Max pretty often)!

The reviews I read lead me to this team.

05/03/2012 by Debra R.
Location: Austin, Texas

The rave reviews could not have been more spot on. They made our refinance process seamless and the closing painless. Would use them again in a hearbeat!

Max did an outstanding job!

05/03/2012 by Sara W.
Location: Georgetown, Texas

We were shopping two other companies to help us with our refinance and after reading the reviews, I decided maybe third one’s the charm…and I was right! Max and his team were great to work with from day one. I sent an email telling Max the two deals I had on the table and wanted to know what he could do for us. I filled out the application and the number crunching began. The whole process was seamless from the beginning. Phone calls and emails were always promptly returned. Max was present at closing which made it smooth as butter!

I just refinanced my home mortgage with Max Leaman at Prime Lending.

05/01/2012 by A.S.
Location: Austin, TX

The experience was absolutely flawless! I am so appreciative of the hard work Max and his team did on their end to make my experience stress free. I felt completely confident in all of the recommendations and advice they provided. Anytime I had a question, the team was always there to provide answers and explanations. They went above and beyond in offering excellent customer service. My monthly payments are lower and I could not be happier with the services the Max Leaman at Prime Leanding provided. Thank you Max & team!

Max and the team handled a refinance of my mortgage. I saw all the positive reviews and decided to give them a try and I am very glad I did.

04/28/2012 by Tim T.
Location: Katy, Texas

Their fees were lower than the other two estimates I received and the service was outstanding. They made the process as streamlined as possible and were proactive in communication and timing to ensure a painless closing. No surprises, no hidden fees. They were very straightforward and efficient. I have closed on numerous mortgages and refi’s and this was by far the best ever. They are a professional, no-nonsense team that does what they say and on time and at a reasonable cost. Their office is in Austin and I live in Houston and there was no problem in handling this from a distance as we closed at the title company’s office in the Galleria area.

This was a totally painless process with no problems or surprises. The title company handled the closing papers well with no glitches. Their fees were substantially less than the two other estimates I received and I couldn’t be happier with the process.

Wow, Max blew us away!

04/27/2012 by Nicole M.
Location: Austin, Texas
Neighborhood: Downtown Condo

My hubs and I bought a downtown condo in Austin, and we thought it would be a nightmare, since we were new to the state and it was our very first home purchase. But Max helped make it a pleasant, easy, stress-free experience.

We closed our deal in just under four weeks. Everything went according to plan when he said it would, as he said it would. No hidden fees or “gotchas” throughout the process. He was available right away (called us back the same day of our initial inquiry) and prompt to respond to all questions in the weeks that followed. In this market we heard nothing but problems about getting loans, but our experience was the opposite. Seriously, if you’re nervous about buying a home or have had a bad experience with a loan officer (or even if you haven’t!), give Max a try. He’ll help you buy your digs fast and without a hitch!


I used Max to get a $250,000 15-year fixed rate mortgage

04/25/2012 by C.H.
Location: Austin, Texas

I used Max after running into problems with the brokerage house that I have all my investments at. I was pretty mind-boggled that the company that bank with and have all my assets with and has a decades long track record with me was not able to do business with me!I contacted Max and told home what my situation was. It’s a bit tricky, as I have mostly income from disability insurance and investments and I still own a house jointly with my former wife. I’m used to having to provide a lot of documentation and history because of my circumstances.I found Max to be extraordinarily responsive to questions and requests I had. I made sure I got him everything he asked for quickly and he worked to find an underwriter. In the end everything went off as planned, with a bit of a bonus surprise that my rate dropped on the last possible day it needed to be locked in. I will certainly go back to Max for future business and I have already recommended him to others for their mortgage needs.

We were referred to Max by our realtor Paul Reddam.

04/25/2012 by Ben C.
Location: Austin, Texas

This being our first home buying experience, we wanted to shop around lenders to see what was available. Max and his team were very responsive and helpful throughout the process, as well as open to reviewing the other offers we received throughout the process. Max was always quick to respond and thoroughly explain the various line item costs and differences between all the quotes we received. At the end of the day, Max’s offer couldn’t be beat and his professional and timely service were also major plusses. Max was also helpful during the closing to further explain all the nuances that come with purchasing a home. I would definitely recommend him and his team.

After starting the loan process with another lender, his fees were way higher than originally quoted (by a lot)…in a panic…

04/20/2012 by Michelle B.
Location: Austin, TX

I read the great reviews on yelp for Max, and gave him a call as I had only 30 days to close. I felt at ease the minute I talked to him, he stayed late and answered all my questions. Max got our loan closed and time, and was smooth sailing to closing. Being in the real estate industry in another state, coming here and not knowing who to trust….I am glad we went with Max. I can’t give him enough accolades…look no further…call Max Leaman.

Max is The Best…by far!

04/20/2012 by Suz J.
Location: Leander, TX

My home buying situation was complicated by the fact I was getting a divorce about the same time as trying to buy a house. Timing was everything since I needed the divorce final before I could close. Max and his staff did the work all on the assumption the divorce would be finalized by a certain date with a subsequent closing within 4 days. So when the divorce was delayed by the county to the Friday after my scheduled closing, I thought this was going to cost me my house, earnest money and/or a higher interest rate. Somehow Max pulled it through….new closing date, prepared new paperwork and same interest rate. Very impressed with this guy!

I would be suspect of the legitimacy of anyone getting this many stellar reviews except that we just closed on our dream home

04/04/2012 by Helen N.
Location: Houston, TX

Max/Prime Lending made it all possible. We actually were fortunate enough to have several mortgage lender options that had competitive terms but are very happy with our decision to use Max and Prime Lending.

Max immediately responded to our inquiries throughout the entire process; notified us when it was a good time to lock our interest rate; called us to notify us when the rates dropped so we could take advantage of a lower rate;and was present during our closing to answer any questions. He is an easy person to work with and made the otherwise stressful occasion of purchasing a home seamless.

I recently closed my home with Max leanman and I should frankly say he is top notch.

04/02/2012 by Prashanth M.
Location: Austin, TX

He answered all my emails and calls promptly . His closing costs was the cheapest. He has a option to float down your rate 20 days before closing but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to float down. Overall he is very easy to deal with and I would definitely recommend him to my friends.

We purchased a condo in Austin and our realtor (who was also FANTASTIC – Brendan Doherty at RealtyAustin) recommended Max for our loan.

03/21/2012 by Katy D.
Location: Austin, TX

He handled our loan from start to finish.

Max is very knowledgable and worked hard to get a complex deal done, even reaching out to the president of our new HOA when needed to get to close on time. He went above and beyond and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Our realtor — Paul from Homesville Real Estate — promised us that Max s team could get us better rates and financing than the bank and credit union

03/20/2012 by Lara
Location: Austin, TX

Max did just that! Plus he was great to work with and quick to answer all types of questions. My partner and I ended up in a great house that we didn t know we could afford — but can! Thanks!!

I reached out to Max because of the great reviews, and initiated contact with him.

03/19/2012 by M.E.
Location: San Antonio, Texas

Max began the process for me to see if I qualified to buy a home and gave me a quick and detailed response.

Through out every step and with every question, Max responded immediately. It was a great experience and it felt like I was dealing with someone I had known for years.

If I had to do it again, I would go back to Max.

03/15/2012 by Glenn P.
Location: Richmnd, Texas

Although we were in different cities, he made the loan process as smooth as possible. There were no surprises at closing and even the title company was impressed with Max response time.

I refinanced my 30 year fixed rate mortgage for another 30 year fixed rate mortgage with a better interest rate.

03/12/2012 by P.L.
Location: DFW Area

I refinanced my current mortgage and she did a great job! She was very professional and courteous and she got me a great refinance rate quickly. Closing was great also as we were able to have the closing after work at our home, you can’t get more flexible than that! Great company with great people. Will use again.

My fiancé and I recently closed on a house, and it would not have been possible without Max Leaman’s expertise.

03/10/2012 by Robin W., First-Time Homebuyers
Location: Austin, TX

As anyone knows who has done this before, buying a home is a long, and often times frustrating, process. Of course it’s fun, too, but how to find the perfect house that gives you a comfortable mortgage?

Max was there during every step of the buying process with advise that saved us a ton of money. For example, at one crucial point during our search we were raring to buy a place that was just over our budget. It was a lovely house in a near-perfect location, but we would have seriously been stretching ourselves thin financially. Max crunched the numbers on the value and taxes, and he came back to us with a frank and honest opinion: too close for comfort. Even though would have approved us for the loan amount needed for this property, he wanted to be SURE we could afford the house. Max could have given us the green light, then counted his money and been done with it, but he took the time to explain again why this may not be the best fit, and likely saved us a lot of heartache. Being house poor is not the way to go. At the time it was a hard thing to hear, but he assured us we would find something better WITHIN our original budget, and by golly…he was right.

Re the rest of our work together, this being my fiance and I’s first house buying experience, I’m sure we would be considered “high maintenance” by most. We had questions on an almost daily basis for months on end about this process, and Max’s response time via email, phone or text was consistently stellar. His team was equally responsive and professional. They worked with us up until the last minute before closing. The loan funded on time and we stayed on budget. What more could you want out of a home mortgage lender. Really.

Jori is an invaluable assets to the not only this company but the mortgage industry on so many levels.

02/29/2012 by T. Green
Location: Chicao, IL

After having been given the run-around previously, Jori stepped right in and listened with patience. Next, she didn’t hesitate to address my concerns and offer her expertise while setting my expectations with concern and care. Even while traveling away from the office, she made herself available to answer any of my concerns. She was direct & to the point and didn’t give false hope. She requested items in a timely manner.

She made my file a priority and as a result, I was still able to make clear to close on the last day of the month because she was willing to submit information around the clock even on after hours and weekends , she would follow-up with me. She gave me up-to-minute status of my loan processing. She made sure she was readily accessible to my questions with direction even on the day of closing to ensure issues were routed accordingly. For these reasons, I would refer her again & again utilize her services on my next purchase sharing with all who were on the brink of giving up on the market; Jori truly restored my faith in the home ownership process.

I had gotten a few pre-approval letters including one from the lender my realtor recommended and one from Max and it was a good thing that I did.

02/23/2012 by H.O.
Location: Sacramento, CA

After a long search we found the house we wanted listed for exactly what was shown on our pre-approval letter and our offer was accepted. We were going to go with our realtor’s lender just because he was on site and had a working relationship with our realtor.

A few days later I find out that the lender my realtor recommended had some problem with our underwriting and would only approve us for a loan $30k less than what they had originally pre-approved us for. Fortunately I had Max around and he was able to get us our loan and we were able to close on time. We got a good, not great rate but the fees were less than our realtor’s lender. Although we had to jump through some hoops which are the new normal in today’s tight lending environment, everyone at Prime lending was real nice and professional. I would definitely recommend Max.

Max Leaman is the BEST there is in the mortgage business.

02/19/2012 by David & Kim W.
Location: Buda, TX

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Max Leaman. My husband and I did a much needed refinance, and Max made this the most quick and painless transaction ever!!! We would use Max again, and again. I am confident he got us the best rate that is out there. I will refer him to everyone I know, and more. Thanks Max!

David and Kim W.

I recently closed on a refi/home equity loan with Max Leaman.

02/18/2012 by Katy C.
Location: Austin, TX

Before approaching Max, I had been trying to accomplish the same transaction with another mortgage broker, but the process was going nowhere, as I seemed to be encountering one road block after another. However, once I was introduced to Max, all of that changed. The entire process was flawless and easy and without stress. Max was quickly able to assess my situation and simply said, “We’ve go this and we are going to close in 30 days or less.” From that point on, I rested easy until attending the closing, again flawless and without surprises. I would highly recommend Max for any mortgage business anyone might be contemplating.

Where do I begin….Max Leaman is by far the king of his industry.

02/11/2012 by Sonja R.
Location: Fort Worth, TX

My situation with my sister and brother in law was not a conventional one to say the least. My sister and brother in law lived in VA. He is Navy and they wanted to buy a house in Fort Worth. I had to be the eyes and ears here in TX. They started to go with Texas Lending and to put it mildly that turned out to be a nightmare. They were running out of time. So on a Sunday I started to do some research and I came across Max on Angie’s List. I called him on a Sunday and left a message. He called me right back. I was shocked to say the least that he called me back so quickly on his own time. I explained to him the horror story I had with the previous loan officer and Max picked up the pieces flawlessly. Today my sister and brother in law are here and in their new home. It didn’t matter that Max was in Austin, they in VA. and me in Fort Worth he worked on this loan as if we all were right there in Austin. I am in the industry myself so; I am not the easiest person to work with. I always give my best and I demand the best and that is what Max Leaman is, the best. I am sure he has hundreds of other loans but, every time I called or had a question he was right there. He treated me and my family like we were his only clients and to me that is pure talent. He is honest and never told us just what we wanted to hear. He puts not only his clients first but, his integrity as well. In this day and age that is hard to come by especially in a loan officer but, we definitely found that in Max. His staff is just as good. When it went to underwriting Janey was right there with us and walked us through the process. Janey is the sweetest most professional person (next to Max) I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I still today cannot wrap my head around how easy and smoothly the home buying process went with Max. He is number 1 in his industry for a reason. I will never go to another loan officer again with any real estate purchase. Thank you Max and thank you to your staff for providing the best service possible to my family, Max truly is the King of his industry.

I worked with Max to purchase my first home and I would not hesitate to go back.

01/14/2012 by Allen Y., First-Time Homebuyer
Location: Austin, TX

He gave me a good rate and I felt comfortable working with him. After meeting him in person (he came to the closing), I felt like he had my best interests in mind.

Max is awesome! He made buying our dream house easy & stress free.

01/14/2012 by S.D.
Location: Austin, TX

He’s very easy to talk to. I was able to even text him day & evening with questions & he responded very promptly. Will definitely refer him to our friends.

My husband and I had been trying to purchase a home for over 1 year, when I came across Max Leaman’s page at Prime Lending.

01/14/2012 by Samara R.
Location: Austin, TX

He quickly got the process started in processing my loan request, and helped us to get approved to purchase a house. He was always available with any questions that I had, as this was my first time applying for a mortgage loan. We found our first home and closed this past November with Max’s help…we have recommended him to all of our friends and acquaintances that are looking to purchase a home!

We were referred to Max and Prime Lending by friends who happened to use Prime Lending for their own home loan.

01/12/2012 by Gary S.
Location: Austin, TX

Max took very good care of us and were always there with answers to our questions during the loan process. If you are in the market for a reputable lender, I would highly recommend their services.

Max went FAR above and beyond in helping my husband and I get our house.

01/11/2012 by Teal Z.
Location: Austin, TX

He made things that seemed really confusing, understandable. We never would have made it without Max- he is on the buyer’s side! Big time!!!!

I’m a compulsive online researcher, so when I bought my first home I spent a lot of time looking for lenders.

01/10/2012 by T.W.
Location: Austin, TX

After a week, I got quotes from four. Max gave me the best rate, closing costs, and loan flexibility compared to the other three quotes, so you can stop reading here if that’s enough for you. However, he was also extremely personable, enthusiastic, and seemed like he honestly wanted my business. That last part makes a huge difference to me, since I’ll happily walk away and pay more somewhere else if I don’t like the way I’m being treated. Some of the other lenders I went to acted like they were doing me a favor. Really? Thanks, but no thanks. Anyway, my experience with Max was the complete opposite. He often responded to a call or email in only a few minutes, and was always eager to answer any question I had. And I had a lot of questions :)

All that is good, but what really impressed me was how he handled some adversity we ran into during the final round of negotiations with the seller. I won’t get into details, but there was a rule we missed when putting together closing costs and seller allowances. That little detail (that my agent didn’t catch either) would have increased my closing costs well beyond what we had originally talked about. Because it was something that he didn’t catch earlier, Max actually paid for the difference out of his own pocket!!! This was something he didn’t do because he had to, but because he felt responsible for the error. At that point in the game, it’s not like I could have gone somewhere else and still closed on time! Everything else happened without any problems. We closed on time, and Max even showed up at closing in case I had any more questions (I did).

I’m pretty sure I would not have gotten the same treatment with the vast majority of other lenders out there, and I can’t think of the last time someone has impressed me like that. Thanks Max!

Max was amazing!

01/10/2012 by Kati V.
Location: Austin, TX

I had been avoiding the refinance process for years because I thought it was going to be too much of an inconvenience. Finally, the rates had gotten so low that I decided to move on it. I gathered up the requested information sent it to Max’s staff one time. The docs at closing were identical to the estimates upfront. Overall, it was a great experience, and Max is super friendly. I highly recommend Max and his team. :)

Terrific and personal service!

01/09/2012 by David G.
Location: Austin, Texas

In this high-tech, internet-oriented society, Max held our hands throughout the loan process. They actually made securing our loan a very simple, easy, and relatively painless process. Without question, we would not only use Max again ourselves, but would also not hesitate to recommend him to friends and business associates.

As mentioned above, Max did an excellent job for us.

01/05/2012 by L.D.
Location: Austin, TX

They answered all our questions quickly and honestly and made the entire process of purchasing a home as easy and seamless as possible. In fact, we felt Max went above and beyond our expectations at closing and went to bat for us when problems occurred at closing. We will definitely refer anyone in need of a reputable lending agent to Max at Prime Lending!

I had heard nothing but great things about Max Leaman and his team.

01/03/2012 by Isabella S.
Location: Austin, Texas

Totally professional and I was able to get a rate lower than both of my local credit unions. Additionally he was able to provide me with non-biased recommendations for all the other aspects including a housing inspector and someone that would check the foundation for FREE. Thanks so much to Max!

Best Lender in Austin!

12/22/2011 by E.K.
Location: Austin, TX

My husband and I just recently bought our second house using Max and his team at Prime Lending. They are able to get all the paperwork done quickly, can tell you the closing date and he always tells all the fees upfront. They closed our house on a complicated VA loan on time with little back and forth with all the paperwork. Max and his team are great to work with and we will always buy every house with him as our mortgage broker! I recommend him to everyone looking for a mortgage… Thanks again Max!

Max did an Awesome job helping me Refinance my house.

12/20/2011 by M.F.
Location: Austin, TX

After being turned down twice by other lenders including my own mortgage company, not willing to work within the Homes Affordable refinance program. Max helped me get it done and helped me save almost $300/month. Thank you Max for your help and to the whole Leaman team!

Returned calls & emails very quickly.

12/19/2011 by T.D., Investor
Location: Austin, TX

Closed on time & overall it was a great experience. Max is a funny guy and was nice to work with on this investment purchase. I found him online through an article he had about investment property lending and he was much more informed on the process of investor lending for SFR than any of the other 4 or 5 folks I’d spoken to prior to him! We’ll be using him soon to close on many more investment homes!