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Outstanding service

03/22/2010 by Walter S., Repeat Customer
Location: Austin, TX

Max handled my original loan and just recently helped me re-finance that loan – both experiences working with Max and his team were just tremendous. He is organized, timely, and is thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. Max provided outstanding service, and went above and beyond expectations in dealing with other lenders in tying everything together to complete the refinance. Simply put, Max is the best lender I have ever worked with and has my strongest recommendation.

Great Service and Experience

03/22/2010 by C.G.
Location: Kyle, TX

Max was very helpful in the purchase of my new home. I used a VA loan and didn’t know very much about the process but Max and his team were there every step of the way coaching me on what to do next. The experience was very pleasent! I would recommend Max to anyone looking to buy a home!
Pros: Very friendly and helpful!

We just bought our first home last month, and Max made the financing aspect as easy as it could possibly be.

03/21/2010 by Adam K., First-Time Homebuyer
Location: Austin, Texas

Throughout our search, which was long and involved, he was happy to provide good-faith estimates, and he must have done so 10 or 15 times before we finally found the right home.

Once we came to terms with the seller, we basically turned the process of procuring our mortgage over to Max and he saw it through every step of the way.

I would feel perfectly comfortable recommending Max and his team to any friends or family who could use his services. He’s professional and courteous and quick to respond, and I believe he offers the same degree of service to everybody who he helps.

Can’t go wrong

03/18/2010 by Nick R.
Location: Austin, TX

I was very pleased with entire process, Max made sure I was well informed and enabled me to purchase my new home at a very reasonable rate. Max is a true professional! You cant go wrong with this guy. Thanks man

I live in Dallas and was referred to Max through my sister-in-law who is a real estate agent in Austin.

03/18/2010 by Glenn H.
Location: Dallas, Texas

He helped with a refi and got me such an incredible rate that I am actively looking for friends to refer to him. All of this was handled over the phone, email and fax. I never met him in person but had complete confidence along the way. My insurance agent had nothing but great things to say about Max and his staff, Megan and Janey, who were very thorough and patient with my poor filing cabinet skills. If you hear of anyone interested in mortgages this is the man you need to call.

Best lender in town!

03/16/2010 by Ed & Alicia, Repeat Customers
Location: Austin, TX

This is our second dealing with Max, and both times he guided us through all the mountains of paperwork and forms to provide, find, and sign, and made a very stressful process into a manageable one. Everything worked out just like Max told us it would, or better!

Pros: Very professional, friendly, and competent
Cons: This makes twice, and nothing bad!

“A” Rating

03/02/2010 by Chuck B.
Location: Austin, TX

Work Performed: Cash-out refinance on our home mortgage
He was in our neighborhood, NW Hills, which made it convenient for us to meet with him. Max was responsive, enthusiastic, and helpful. He was upfront about how things would be handled and how long it would take before we closed. I would definitely recommend Max for anyone looking for a competitively priced home mortgage.

The BEST!!

02/28/2010 by Carrie O.
Location: Austin, TX

Max was referred to us by a co-worker of my husband at the RRFD. We initially contacted Max over the phone and he invited us to meet with him at his office. From this first meeting, we felt like Max was on our side and knew that he would take care of us through the home-buying process. He explained the process in detail and we felt comfortable with and confident in him. Our pre-approval and approvals were handled very quickly and with little effort on our part, Max took care of it all!

As we were preparing to buy our new house, we were also selling a house. And the buyers of our house were selling a house in Hawaii, which made for un-timely communication from them and different laws/regulations. It was a series of transactions that were dependent on each other and when the Hawaii deal started to fall apart, it was Max who stepped in and worked closely with our buyer’s buyer’s lender. He was in constant communication with them and he basically held their hands (and ours) through a very difficult and frustrating time.

We know without a doubt that had we gone with another lender, they would not have been nearly as involved in trying to make all of these back to back transactions happen. Max went above and beyond what normal lenders would do and we appreciate all his efforts. It was a crazy roller coaster ride, but the end result was exactly what we wanted, we got our new house with a great interest rate and we sold our old house!

Our Realtor saw Max in action through this process and she now uses him as a recommended lender for her clients. We highly recommend Max!

Working with lenders all over Austin, the State of Texas and National Firms,

02/28/2010 by Jean Rude, Escrow Officer, First American Title
Location: Austin, TX

Max Leaman and Prime Lending are the very best at delivering on time and making a closing seem “easy” from contract to close! Whether you are the buyer or the seller, Max’s expertise brings the reassurance and confidence to both sides that a transaction will close and fund – which is no small thing in this challenging market climate.

Highly recommend Max Leaman

02/27/2010 by Jennifer C.
Location: Austin, TX

I was a first time homebuyer at the end of 09. Max Leaman was referred to us by a close friend and we are so thankful! With all the stress of the homebuying process, max made the loan the easiest part of the experience. He was incredibly organized and he constantly updated us about everything. we didn’t even have to ask. He also got us an incredible rate. most of all, Max was accessible and answered questions thoroughly, demystifying the whole mortgage process. h even showed up to the closing to make sure everything was taken care of. great service! we have already recommended him to friends and will surely use him again for our next home.

Pros: organized, friendly, attended closing, great rate
Cons: none

Personable and professional

02/23/2010 by Andrew A.
Location: Austin, TX

Max helped my wife and I get a loan to buy our house in 2006 and then helped us this year to refinance that loan to today’s lower rates. Max is both a personable and a professional mortgage broker. When we wanted to explore the possibility of refinancing, he did an excellent job of thoroughly going through all our options without trying to influence our final decision. He promptly returned all our calls and e-mails, kept us informed all the way through the process, and helped set up for us the most convenient closing time and place. I would highly recommend Max if you are considering buying a home, refinancing your mortgage, or have any questions regarding a mortgage transaction.

Max helped us with our mortgage in the summer of 2009 and I’m so pleased that we had the opportunity to work with him.

02/10/2010 by Becca R., Repeat Customer
Location: Austin, TX

To start, we were living outside of the area and put in bids on more than one house. Each time Max was there to help us and make sure that this house would be the right fit (financially) for us to get into.

Once we were in Austin and found the right house Max helped us to understand Texas property tax and other things that were different than our past experiences. He had a great relationship with our Realtor as well which made everything that much easier. He even came to our closing which I had never even heard of and had never witnessed in either of the two properties I had purchased in the house.

I would highly recommend using Max and know that you’ll be well taken care of.

The Right Man for The Job

01/06/2010 by Mike G.
Location: Austin, TX

About five years ago, I made the biggest purchase of my life…A house! However, this was no small feat. It all started with a close, personal friend and my realtor suggesting I meet with this loan officer named Max. I set up an appointment to meet with Max to discuss my financial capabilities. Max told me some things, which at the time, sort of discouraged me.

You have to remember these were the good old days of mortgage lending when every tom, dick, and harry got a fly-by-night adjustable rate loan. Not that I was looking for that, but I did want instant gratification. What I got, instead, was actually, in hindsight, really good advice from Max. He suggested that I not go for the “anyone-can-qualify” loan and instead save up some more money and obtain a more secure loan. So, a monetary goal was agreed upon by Max and I, and the hardest part of the process began….Saving!

Needless to say, I reached my goal. In roughly 10 months I had saved the money and was back to knocking on Max’s door. With my end of the bargain being met, it was time for Max to work his magic. Max did his best to educate me and hold my hand through every step of the loan process. I must say it was a little intimidating at first. Its a lot of numbers to compute and papers to sign. Never once did I feel like I was being taken for a ride or rushed on through so he could get to the next guy. I felt very trusting of Max the whole time. And in the wake of the financial crisis and the housing bubbles I felt vindicated in my choice of loan officers. The sound advice and the great service I received from Max left such an impression on me that I now recommend him to ALL of my family and friends.

In fact, I just re-financed my house to take advantage of the shockingly low interest rates, and the second time around was even easier then the first! I can’t say enough good things about this guy, so you’ll just have to see for yourselves . . .

My wife and I received countless recommendations to see Max for mortgage services, and we are most fortunate to have worked with him.

01/06/2010 by Thomas B.
Location: Austin, Texas

He took care of us in every way. He was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, informative, and found a way to get us exactly what we were looking for. He looked at every detail and examined every aspect of our lending needs; nothing was overlooked. If you are looking to get great service, you would be foolish not to utilize Max’s expertise. Even more than 2 years after purchasing our home, Max is always a phone call away to answer our questions and tend to our needs. When you go with Max, you have a lifelong partner of mortgage services.

We rented a house with a fenced in yard, sight unseen, on the east side of 15th and Airport when we moved to Austin from Atlanta.

01/03/2010 by J.R.
Location: Austin, TX

It served it’s purpose, but 3 months after our wedding we decided to buy a house. My mom wanted us to use a Jewish real estate agent, and so began our house hunting with Josh Bushner, who was recommended to us by Rabbi Freedman.

Josh said we needed to talk to a mortgage lender also. He recommended a guy that sounded trust worthy, but I couldn’t believe who he was. Mr. Max Leaman.

Max and I went to college together and lost touch after graduation. He house sat for me once and I figured if I could trust him with basically everything I owned, I could certainly trust him to be fair and accurate. He was and still is. He even set an alarm to go off when the rates get low enough so we can refinance to have a lower mortgage. He’s a hell of a guy, and you can bet the ONLY one I’ll ever use in Austin.

Everything taken care of . . .

12/31/2009 by Charlotte & Dreux
Location: Austin, TX

Max made our experience of buying our first home an absolute dream. From our first encounter with him, we knew that he had our best interests at heart, that he’s in the mortgage brokerage business to help people have their dreams come true, and to ensure confidence. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and does his ultimate best to demystify the home-buying process. We have a wonderful home, an incredible rate and a clear understanding of the whole process. We cannot recommend Max enough!

First Time Homebuyer

12/25/2009 by D., First-Time Homebuyer
Location: Austin, TX

Max has consistently shown himself to be always accessible and having his clients number one interests at heart. Max made me and my wife feel at ease as we went through the homebuying process. I still call Max and he still answers all of my questions and make it apparent that he will be there even a year from now. He offers a quality service that all would appreciate in buying a home.

Best in the Business

12/22/2009 by L.W.
Location: Austin, TX

Max Leaman is a true Austin Professional. He is on top of his game but also has an easy going attitude. He kept us informed and we understood each step of the process to refinance our home. I highly recommend Mr Leaman to anyone who thinks they refinancing may be an option for them.

Pros: Refinancing was easy, with no surprises.
Cons: None!

Knowledgeable and Offers Great Service

12/18/2009 by S.C.
Location: Austin, TX

My wife and I were first time buyers. Max was enthusiastically recommended to us by a family member who was a client of his about five years ago.We were intimidated by the whole purchasing process, but Max made everything go swimmingly and was with us in every step. He was always available to answer questions and was very flexible to accommodate our needs. Thanks to Max, we are now homeowners.

Pros: One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.
Cons: None

Max was outstanding to work with during the home buying process.

12/17/2009 by Mindy B.
Location: Austin, TX

His strong knowledge and professionalism put me at ease immediately being a first time home buyer. Additionally, he was always extremely responsive and helpful with all of my inquiries.

I highly recommend using Max as your mortgage broker! You won’t be dissappointed!

Max Leaman for Loan Officer of the year

12/17/2009 by K.S.
Location: Kyle, TX

My wife and I were given Max’s name from our realtor with high recommendation. At this point we had already locked in a lender, however decided to give Max a call, just in case. After talking with Max over the phone I set up a meeting with him the next day and immediately changed lenders and finally got that, “your being taken care of now” feeling. Max stayed late Friday night catering to our schedule (with our 4 month old baby) and made sure we understood everything before we left. 5 out of 5 stars from my family and I. Thanks buddy!!!

Pros: smooth and easy

Max has my vote!!!

12/16/2009 by B.T.
Location: Round Rock, TX

I was fortunate to learn of Max!! Being a first time home buyer is very challenging and I was thankful to have Max in my corner. Not only did I get a great rate but I received excellent customer service. No matter how many different ways I asked the same question Max was always there with an answer which was very reassuring. He truly was a God send and kept me on track (and from losing my sanity) every step of the way. I would highly recommend him and already have. :)

Pros: professional, knowledgeble, dependable, available!!

Max and his handling of our mortgage situation is the reason my wife and I were able to afford to get into our house in August of 2009.

12/13/2009 by Alex R.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max was first rate in his knowledge of what we needed to do to afford getting into our house, was extremely easy to work with and very helpful, and even did something you don’t see from most mortgage brokers, by attending our closing in person.

I can’t imagine any mortgage broker in Austin as capable and helpful and knowledgable as Max is.

Max was a great help in getting the finance for my first home.

12/09/2009 by Kenneth T., First-Time Homebuyer
Location: Manor, Texas

I was buying from Oregon and he made the entire process go as smoothly as I could hope for. His personal service was top-rate! Thanks Max

Max helped us with the recent purchase of our first home.

12/06/2009 by Van L., First-Time Homebuyer
Location: Austin, TX

Even with all the scrunity and complication the banks were giving us due to the 08-09 mortgage crisis, Max made sure our loan process flow smoothly and relatively easy. He was extremely sharp and fast to respond to our questions and need. His knowledges and experiences helped calm us down, and made us feel that all our issues would be easily resolved. And they were! Max was also very friendly and attentive. He came to our closing to make sure everything went smoothly. We’re very thankful to Max and would highly recommend his services.

First Time Home Buyer

11/24/2009 by Kris H., First-Time Homebuyer
Location: Cedar Park, TX

My wife and I closed on our first home earlier this year and as you might expect had many many….many questions and concerns. Max promptly answered each of our questions in a straightforward manner that I appreciated. Any concern I had was addressed quickly and accurately. I will work with Max again when we buy our next home, and I highly recommend him!

We recently bought a new house and Max had handled our mortgage needs.

11/01/2009 by Can U.
Location: Austin, TX

He was very professional and patient with us. Answered all our questions and gave us the feeling that we were in good hands. By far, Max is the best lender I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him.

Max helped with everything I needed while going through the complicated home buying process.

11/01/2009 by Amanda N.
Location: Austin, TX

Even when my ac leaked the day after I closed, by calming me down and helping me use my home warranty for the first time. I highly recommend him. He was always kind and very knowledgeable.

I highly recommend Max

10/01/2009 by Bob M.
Location: Austin, TX

I am a picky lender. Max was knowledgeable, helpful and patient during the entire process. I will use him again if I purchase more property and I have referred friends to him. That says a lot.

I am in a home I absolutely love and my husband and I owe it to Max!

10/01/2009 by The Canos
Location: Belmont, Texas

Max was excellent, prompt, patient (I can be a pain-very OCD) and overall just a great person to work with. I never waited more than a few minutes when I would leave him a message to call me back. My brother recommended him to me years ago and I did not call him…BIG MISTAKE!. The mortgage company I went with was awful. When I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I did not hesitate to call on Max. I’m glad I did and I will call him again if I never need Mortgage services. Thanks Max…you’re the best!

Max helped me buy my duplex.

10/01/2009 by Sarah M.
Location: Austin, TX

Throughout the process, he was able to answer all of my questions (even the dumb ones!) and the information he provided was instrumental in my search. He always responded to my e-mails and questions without delay, which goes a long way in today’s instant gratification society. I look forward to working with Max again when I start expanding my real estate portfolio. THANKS AGAIN MAX!!!

Best Lender in Austin!

10/01/2009 by Florencia K.
Location: Austin, TX

Max did everything he could to help me and my husband get our very first house! He answered all of our questions, was always calm, patient, and understanding when we bombarded him with worries or concerns. He never once failed to answer our questions, and he was always polite and professional in all of our dealings. He went above and beyond his job and it was a pleasure to work with him. He will be our lender for life. Thanks again Max!

You have GOT to let Max help you get your home loan.

10/01/2009 by Christine S.
Location: Austin, TX

He really does make things so much easier. I have never worked with such an honest and quick Moorage person in my whole life. I had been trying to buy a house (which is scary enough) for 2 years here in Austin and it was easier than buying a car-no sales pitch-no Kidding. If you need someone to tell you the straight deal—MAX is the one. He is the only name I recommend to all of my friends and customers. I am a Trainer for MAC Cosmetics – and understand and appreciate stellar service. Thanks Max.

I can’t say enough about Max.

10/01/2009 by Ian B.
Location: Austin, TX

The word professional just doesn’t cut it. This guys performance will make you’re head spin! He’s timely, responsive, accurate, and very knowledgeable. Max cares about your satisfaction as a customer, and your financial security. He doesn’t sell junk mortgages, and he doesn’t sell more than you can afford. Max exceeded my expectations in more ways than I can count. Bottom line, If I need a loan officer I call Max. Thanks Max!

I was not a first time home buyer when I was referred to Max Leaman but I can say that it was the easiest process.

10/01/2009 by L.L.
Location: Austin, TX

Max is super knowledgeable, professional, timely, and patient. He does what he says he will do when he says he’ll do it. Max is also very honest and truly cares ….I asked about a particular type of loan to which he replied that he would earn more money on that product but that it was not the best one for me. He looked out for MY interests over his earning potential! You can be assured Max will find the best loan product for your situation and in an honest and professional manner. And a downright friendly guy too! I really enjoyed working with him and highly recommend.

I was a first time homebuyer when I first went to Max who was recommended by a family friend.

10/01/2009 by Martin R.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max showed incredible patience with me and my multiple questions and concerns. He took the time to keep me informed at every step and made sure and identified any pitfalls that may come up during the process of finding a new home. It was extremely comforting knowing that I had someone with so much experience behind me while I was going thru the largest purchase of my life. I came back to Max a couple years later to refinance and was pleased again. Max was the same patient, informative, and trusted advisor he had been the first time around. Max is a throwback to what doing business is supposed to be. It is where honesty, integrity, and caring about your customers are always the way you do business, not the exception. Max has embraced these principles in his work. Max has a customer for life in me. You should be next!

Max is truly accessible.

10/01/2009 by Scout C.
Location: Austin, TX

He returned phone calls, emails and kept me informed about my mortgage from application to closing. When I have questions, he’s got the answers I trust. He’s a great resource for anyone buying, refinancing or even selling real estate. Max doesn’t waste your time, gets great rates and always works hard to exceed your expectations.

I worked with Max during my recent home purchase and would highly recommend him if you are considering the purchase of a home.

10/01/2009 by Curk M.
Location: Kyle, Texas

What a wonderful experience. He made me feel completely at ease with the entire process. He is personable, knowledgeable, and communicates every part of the process in a way that makes it clear and understandable.

I won’t work with anyone else!

10/01/2009 by Lisa M.
Location: Kyle, TX

Max is so easy to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and makes sure everything goes smoothly. He once orchestrated a closing on a property the day after I had been out of the country and unavailable to contact for an entire week! I will not work with anyone except Max Leaman!

Max Leaman is the best mortgage broker I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

10/01/2009 by Jay R.
Location: Austin, TX

He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and client-focused. I have used him on two occasions in the past three years since returning to Austin–a purchase and a refinancing–and he came through with flying colors each time. He even attended both closings to make sure everything went smoothly and made the process entirely painless. He is very accessible, reliable and skilled. I have recommended him to others who have also reported the same positive experience. I highly recommend him to you.

Max was referred to us first by our realtor, not only was he very knowledgeable, but extremely nice and very helpful in helping us refinance our home.

09/01/2009 by Joe S.
Location: Austin, TX

He was always avialable, even when we had seemingly stupid questions. I will refer him in a minute.

I enjoy working with Max

09/01/2009 by Jorie Shalem, Habitat Hunters Real Estate Services
Location: Austin, TX

He’s extremely knowledgeable about mortgage brokerage services and he is extraordinarily responsive and stays on top of the transaction.

REALTORS at Habitat Hunters refer clients to Max Leaman because of his professionalism, honesty, efficiency and dedication

09/01/2009 by Jennifer Young, Habitat Hunters Real Estate Services
Location: Austin, TX

Visit his website and subscribe to Max’s newsletter to keep up with current housing and mortgage market trends. Thanks, Max!!

What can I say? Max Leaman is the best.

09/01/2009 by Dana Sanditen, Habitat Hunters Real Estate Services
Location: Austin, TX

He is professional, responsive and this Lender actually shows up for the closing. You just don’t get better service than this. Count on Max to find you the best rate, walk you through the entire process so that you completely understand, and follow through to the signing of the contract.

Max was referred to me by a friend and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience.

09/01/2009 by Seth L.
Location: Austin, TX

As a first-time home buyer, Max was patient and considerate, taking the time to walk me through the basics and explain the details of my loan, interest rates, closing process, etc – often more than once. He took calls and fielded emails at all hours, and has since followed up with me regularly to make sure everything continues to go smoothly. He’s offered recommendations for contractors, CPA’s and just about anyone else I could possibly need as a homeowner. Great guy, great service!

We found Max through our Landlord, I am so glad she gave us his name.

09/01/2009 by Breck A.
Location: Austin, TX

I have had a few distasteful encoumters with mortgage agents,Max was like a fresh breeze! Made everything so easy,knew the answers to my questions and even gave me a few more that I didn’t know enough to ask.

We have used Max for both an original mortgage and a re-fi,never any problems and always prompt! I always mention his name when someone I know is looking for a loan. He is a definite recommend in my book.

Words cannot express my sincerest thanks for all the support you and your company have given me all throughout my mortgage applications.

09/01/2009 by Stephan N.
Location: Austin, Texas

Without your help I would not have the confidence of purchasing several houses. I am now enjoying being a landlord. It was truly a great experience.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks Max.

I will never use another lender!

09/01/2009 by Jim Olenbush, Cantera Real Estate
Location: Austin, TX

Max Leaman is a true professional. His expertise saves his clients time and money. I trust Max completely and highly recommend his service.

Outstanding service!!!

09/01/2009 by Kristi G.
Location: Georgetwon, Texas

My husband and I used Max for our original mortgage loan and then, a year later, to refinance. Both experiences could not have gone better. Max’s customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail are second to none. (Not to mention his uncanny ability to know when to lock and when to float!) We are very satisfied customers, and if the need ever arises, will use him again. In my opinion, Max is undoubtedly the best in the Austin area.

Max was great!

08/20/2009 by G.C.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max made our first home mortgage incredibly easy. He took the time to answer all our questions and explain everything in detail. He gave us the attention other companies didn’t. I’ll recommend him to all my friends!

Home loans made easy…with .Max Leaman!

08/04/2009 by Paula G.
Location: Austin, TX

Working with Max and his staff made an otherwise stressful experience quite easy. We did an FHA; however, as a third time home buyer, I did not really feel it was more difficult than my regular bank loans of the past two houses. Max has great humor and very professional support staff to ease the process along. I highly recommend max if you are looking to finance your home.

Great service!

08/02/2009 by Alan N.
Location: Austin, TX

I just closed on my loan to purchase my house. The service was great. Max kept his finger on the pulse of rates and locked me in at the low point during the period of time I had available. There were not any surprises during the process or at the closing table. I would definitly recommend Max and his team.

Max makes it look easy.

08/01/2009 by Paul Reddam, Homesville Real Estate
Location: Austin, TX

He is one of the few … he shoots straight, thinks long term, is selfless, keep his word and gives quick call backs. Some day I fully expect Max will be wearing a Superman or money cape! I only hope he leaves the tights at home. HA! What’s for certain is when Max has the loan I know its going to get done and be on time. At our last closing he somehow came in under budget.He refunded our client $1,700 dollars she never expected. Thanks for being such a great part of the team Max

The mortgage industry is changing and new rules and regulations are coming out monthly.

08/01/2009 by Crystal Guthrie, Cantera Real Estate
Location: Austin, Texas

Now more than ever, you need a lender who is on top of his game. Max Leaman is an expert in the mortgage industry. He always delivers on what he says, without surprises at the closing table. I have recommended him to many of my clients who thank me for it later. I know when I send my clients to Max they are in good hands and that is something I will always be thankful for.

As a Realtor I feel confident referring my clients to Max.

08/01/2009 by Elizabeth Taliaferro, City Properties
Location: Austin, TX

He knows the business like the back of his hand. My company has worked with him for several years and our clients have always had tremendous things to say about him. He’s extraordinarily prompt in returning all calls and emails. Max never leaves a question unanswered. He is excellent for first time home-buyers and has alternative financing solutions for all of your mortgage needs.

Stress Free Experience

08/01/2009 by Eric W.
Location: Austin, Texas

I had a great and stress-free experience working with Max on my recent home loan. He was up-front and accurate with all quotes and information that he provided and was also very helpful in assuring that I understood every step of the process completely. Even with a last minute change in the price of the home, we were able to close smoothly and on-time.

My #1 Mortgage Lender

07/31/2009 by Garret L.
Location: Carrolton, TX

Max Leaman is professional, dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. His competence and proficiency makes you feel very comfortable in choosing an option that is best for you. Not only did Max get my original home loan approved with ease, but he also refinanced my loan a few years later with an exceptional 4.875% rate. For the best in the business, call MAX!!! ***I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM***

Fantastic service, low fees, great rate.

07/30/2009 by Michael W.
Location: Austin, Texas

I shopped around quite a bit and Max was by far the best deal. His fees are VERY VERY low. His dedication to excellent customer service and his knowledge of the approval process make him one of the best loan officers out there.

Incredible to work with!

07/29/2009 by Sarah B.
Location: Austin, TX

I would recommend Max to anyone looking to buy a home! He’s been so pleasant to work. We’ve been dealing with lots of issues from FHA appraisals to lost inspection reports and all along the way Max has bent over backwards to make sure our needs are met. I feel quite confident that we’re in good hands.

I’ve done several personal real estate deals with Max and I send all my clients his way for their loan needs.

07/01/2009 by Dan Schillace, Keller Williams Realty, Austin, Texas
Location: Austin, TX

Bottom line, he gets it done on time with great service and with the highest of ethics. He’ll continue to get my business as well as my referrals.

This is a challenging market for both buyers and sellers.

07/01/2009 by Elaine Byrne, Elaine Byrne Realty, Austin, Texas
Location: Austin, Texas

One of my seller-clients had a bad experience with a “preapproved” buyer that turned out not to be preapproved at all – 3 days prior to closing! When we received an offer from another buyer, Max was the buyer’s lender. I grilled him thoroughly and was satisfied with his answers. Max stayed in touch throughout the process and we closed on time. I would definitely recommend Max.

Fantastic lender, Max always gets the job…

07/01/2009 by Josh Bushner, Keller Williams Realty
Location: Austin, TX

I am a real estate agent in Austin, TX. I’ve been referring clients to Max for several years and I have never regretted it. Max is always available, knowledgeable, personable and gets the job done, period. I have never had a closing delayed because of him (and I can’t say that about many lenders) and he is always on top of things. I never have to wonder if he’s going to return my calls or emails because he always does in a timely manner. He’s a great resource and I highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with a loan or re-financing.

Max is an absolute breath of fresh air in the mortgage business.

07/01/2009 by Donna Goode, Keller Williams Realty
Location: Austin, TX

Whether your lending needs are straight forward or more challenging, Max continually provides professional service through excellent communication and timely closings. Thanks Max!

Max is a dedicated professional at what…

05/30/2009 by Mitch H.
Location: Austin, Texas

I always use Max for my home loans and he always delivers with the best rates, he is a great loan officer!


05/10/2009 by Kim Wallace, Carol Dochen REALTORS®, Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas

There is not enough amazing things I can say about Max and the mortgage experience. He is AWESOME! Simpliest transaction ever, no stress, no worries, no SURPRISES!!! I would recomment Max to anyone and everyone!

Max Leaman, best in show!

05/07/2009 by John G.
Location: Austin, TX

I had the pleasure of buying my first house with Max and he made the endless maze of paperwork and obstacles seem like a cakewalk compared to the experiences I’ve heard from others. He worked closely with my Realtor and helped me find the right financial arrangement to fit my situation. I can safely say that my home buying experience was smooth and simple with Max’s expert guidance. I would recommend him to anyone trying to buy in the Austin area!

Max, the mortgage super hero!

05/06/2009 by Nikki D.
Location: Austin, Texas

I love Max. He made my house buying process so easy, in fact, he had me approved before I’d ever entered his office. It could not have been easier – he did everything for me. In fact, even after closing, and the loan had been sold to Citi, Max still advocated for me when there was an issue with the escrow fund. He’s a genius, very reliable, efficient and smart!! Absolutely, he’s the best!

Max got us a great rate and terms

05/06/2009 by Kelly C.
Location: Elgin, TX

With Max’s help, my wife and I were able to taken advantage of falling interest rates, and switch to a lender with a better rate just 3 days before we closed. Also, Max was very professional, on top of everything, and also very personable. We will definitely do business with Max again. Thanks Max!!!

A pleasure to deal with

05/06/2009 by Kirsty D.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max is always helpful and willing to come up with solutions to help with your particular situation. I recommend him often and wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.

A++ experience

05/06/2009 by Nick K.
Location: Austin, TX

Max was very professional and knowledgeable. Given it was my first home purchase and mortgage, I had many questions. Max was extremely helpful and took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. Closing was extremely fast and Max was done ahead of schedule setting up the loan. The rates he offered were better than anything else I could find. He was also very helpful answering questions I had months after closing. He knows his business extremely well. I am extremely satisfied with the whole experience.

I have had the pleasure of working with Max Leaman when purchasing my home.

05/01/2009 by Audrey G.
Location: Austin, TX

He is incredibly professional and thoroughly explained all of my different financing options. Max was always available to answer my questions and he made it a point to attend my closings. I would be happy to recommend Max to anyone who values great service!

Max Leaman – Austin’s Best Loan Officer!

05/01/2009 by Michelle Lee-Wilder, Realtor, Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS®
Location: Cedar Park, TX

Max’s endless dedication and customer service is the reason I contacted Max about helping my clients. I immediately saw a loan officer that was extremely organized, on top of the market, and offered the best rates and lowest fees! I observed his services from the listing agent point of view. I soon made contact and have been very pleased with the service all my buyers have received. Not only that Max has a passion for helping others and giving back to the community he lives and works in. I highly recommend Max for any buyers loan needs. You will not be disappointed. Max will even be at the buyer’s closing to answer any last minute questions. Amazing!

Fantastic Lender

05/01/2009 by Eric Bramlett, Once Source Realty, Austin, Texas
Location: Austin, Texas

I’ve referred business to and worked with Max on a number of transactions. He is extremely attentive, honest, and makes it a habit of over delivering.

Max is not about a transaction or about a business deal: he’s about relationships.

05/01/2009 by Dan H.
Location: Pflugerville, Texas

Once the papers are signed and the deal is done, he is still available for as long as you need, for whatever you need. I’ve come to rely on him not just to get a mortgage done, but as a trusted go-to guy for all my mortgage-related questions. Friendly, expert, prompt, professional-definitely. But it’s his effort to make sure you know that he’s not just about the deal is what sets him apart. An outstanding mortgage professional, but an even more outstanding person. Top notch.

As a former Mortgage Banker turned Real Estate Agent, I can tell you Max knows the business.

05/01/2009 by Will Foster
Location: Austin, Texas

He keeps up on all the FHA and other Underwriting Guidelines so his loans get Funded. You can trust he is getting you the best Interest rate and Program available for your situation. That is why I refer my Clients to Max. Thank you.

I would not take my business anywhere else.

04/21/2009 by Dave W.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max handled my original mortgage seven years ago, and he is handling my refinancing this year. In between, he counseled me against refinancing when it did not make good financial sense. Max works hard, gets great rates, and suggests money- or time-saving options. He knows his business, is honest, smart, and professional. He’s also extremely ethical, and he is a great guy to work with. He is very busy, but always has time to help me with questions and any mortgage help I need. I would not take my business anywhere else.

I’m Continually Impressed

04/16/2009 by Kevin Wilhelm, REALTOR
Location: Austin, Texas

As a Realtor, I’ve worked with Max Leaman, and I’ve been continually impressed with his professionalism, honesty, efficiency, and his dedication to serving his clients.

Picking the right lender makes all the difference in the world, and Max certainly qualifies as one of the “right” ones. I would highly recommend Max!

Max made this the easiest loan I ever got.

04/01/2009 by Jann A.
Location: Austin, TX

Max made this the easiest loan I ever got.

I have found Max to be a true professional, a rising star in the mortgage industry.

04/01/2009 by Laurie McGary, Keller Williams Realty
Location: Austin, TX

I have seen first hand how diligent and hard working he is everyday. He arrives at his office early and leaves late, works through lunch. He comes in on weekends. He doesn’t stop work until his files are complete. He comes to all his closings and guides his clients through the process. I will recommend Max anytime.

Max was a pleasure to work with.

04/01/2009 by Brenda S.
Location: Round Rock, Texas

He was professional and knowledgeable. He was able to get our loan closed in record time – less than 2 weeks! Max is by far the best loan officer we have ever worked with and this was our fifth home purchase.

Max was incredibly accessible, accurate…

03/24/2009 by Judith S.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max was incredibly accessible, accurate and efficient. We have been snakebit by mortgage loan officers in the past – lost paperwork, last minute add-on costs, and this experience was totally different. He responded to my on-line request the same day, quoted figures the same day, and I completed the paperwork on-line which was so efficient. His rates were very favorable to others we looked at. He clearly knows his business, always answered questions fully and clearly, and followed up regularly to insure things moved along without delay. Apparently he attends all his closings, which we also liked – it gave me confidence that we would avoid any last minute problems, though we didn’t have any. We finished in less than one hour. This can be a stressful process, so we also appreciated his easy-going humorous personality. I’d highly recommend Max to any of our friends and relatives!