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Since 2001, Leaman Team has helped clients to purchase and refinance home loans. The biggest distinction between lenders is their honesty, customer service, and ability to close on time.

  • Great Rates & Low Fees.
  • Close on time without surprises.
  • Step by step, we guide you through the process so you understand what we are doing and why.
  • Award-winning customer service from application to closing.

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Mortgage Lender Reviews

Max is terrific!

08/03/2011 by Sandy P.
Location: Austin, TX

We bought our home in Austin 4 years ago, and refinanced it 2 years ago with Max. Max finds great rates, and best of all, he handles all aspects of the loan himself. We just refinanced again, through our large international bank, and it made us appreciate Max even more. Max told us up front all the documents he would need to process the loan, and it took less than two weeks to get it done. The bank had 4 different departments involved and it took 6 weeks because they kept adding documents to the list. It was extremely annoying and frustrating. We don’t anticipate refinancing again, but if we do we’ll stick with Max!

My husband and I worked with Max and his team to secure a mortgage for the purchase of an investment property in South Austin.

02/26/2013 by Sarah R.
Location: Austin
Neighborhood: South Austin

Max was extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and best of all – got us a killer rate that couldn’t be beat! Additionally, his processor Janey was a pleasure to work with and got our loan approved so fast we were able to close several days ahead of our requested schedule. Max will be the first person we call when we need another mortgage in the future.

As a former Mortgage Banker turned Real Estate Agent, I can tell you Max knows the business.

05/01/2009 by Will Foster
Location: Austin, Texas

He keeps up on all the FHA and other Underwriting Guidelines so his loans get Funded. You can trust he is getting you the best Interest rate and Program available for your situation. That is why I refer my Clients to Max. Thank you.

Max made moving to Austin and doing a mortgage a breeze.

07/07/2017 by Westin M.
Location: Austin

He was always responsive to my questions and helped come up with a great mortgage solution and great rate. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in financing a home purchase.

I recently purchased a duplex and used Max Leaman.

01/06/2011 by J.B., Repeat Customer
Location: Austin, TX

This is actually the second loan Max has done for me. Just like the first time, everything was perfect. Max is extremely professional and organized and knows what he is doing. All the fees and expenses were clear up front, everything he needed from me was asked for in a timely manner, and we closed on time and my monthly payment is even a bit less than what he had estimated.

Not all lenders are created equal. Max’s attention to detail and level of customer service put him head and shoulders above any other lender I have met. Knowing that everything will close on time and as expected is extremely comforting. I can’t say enough positive things about him. I highly recommend his services.

Max made this the easiest loan I ever got.

04/01/2009 by Jann A.
Location: Austin, TX

Max made this the easiest loan I ever got.

What a great experience. I worked with Amanda Stewart and she walked me through the whole process.

12/07/2015 by Natasha C.
Location: Round Rock, Texas

She gave me a list of all of the things I would need, explained the steps and made sure I always understood what was going on. The process was a great experience from beginning to end. Buying a home can be so intimidating, but it was a breeze working with the Leaman Team.

My husband and I were moving into a house in San Antonio.

05/17/2013 by Joann S.
Location: San Antonio, Texas

We own a home in another city that we keep as a rental property and our financial situation is slightly complicated. The folks at Max Leaman were great. They were proactive, helpful and gave us advice on how to walk through the whole process. Even when we went back and forth on a close date, they were able to roll with us and were prepared regardless. The people there were very friendly and quick to respond to my questions. Amazing that we could do the whole thing without a single face-to-face meeting and there wasn’t a hitch anywhere. i would use them again and recommend them to anyone who asked.

This was the most smoothly running trouble-free experience I’ve ever had in getting a mortgage loan.

07/18/2013 by Bob C.
Location: Georgetown, Texas

great and everyone connected to the transaction seemed to be very knowledgeable, competent, and helpful. Two lenders were recommended to me by our Realtor and this is one of the two I chose – I’m sure glad I did. And I got a great rate.

Max and his team were great. I felt like all I did was ask stupid questions but they made me feel smart and empowered me throughout the whole process.

02/25/2016 by Jon. G.
Location: Austin, Texas

They were always quick to respond and extremely helpful. Often they responded on the weekend. Great service and I would use them again.

Mortgage Lender Reviews