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Since 2001, Leaman Team has helped clients to purchase and refinance home loans. The biggest distinction between lenders is their honesty, customer service, and ability to close on time.

  • Great Rates & Low Fees.
  • Close on time without surprises.
  • Step by step, we guide you through the process so you understand what we are doing and why.
  • Award-winning customer service from application to closing.

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Mortgage Lender Reviews

Max Leaman team was an awesome group to work with on refinancing my home mortgage.

04/05/2013 by J.D.
Location: Austin, TX

Jori and her co-workers were extremely friendly, helpful and efficient. The prices were lower than most of the other places I checked. Float down option they offer is good. And, they seemed very knowledgeable about the mortgage/refi process. They are up to date with electronic transfer and security so the documentation process is a snap. Very efficient and responsive so timeframe to refinace is small. Overall an excellent experience.

My real estate agent referred me to Max and he was on it the entire time.

08/17/2015 by Carolyn T.
Location: Round Rock, Texas

He was prompt in responding to my emails and calls, and he was always professional. Max provided us a preapproval letter quickly, which is essential in the fast-moving Austin market. Communication with Max and his entire team was efficient and effective and we are loving our new house. Thank you Max and everyone so much!

The Leaman Team was great!

08/14/2017 by Mary V.
Location: Austin

This is THE PLACE to go if you are financing a condo. They really know their stuff!!!

I contacted them for refinancing.

10/27/2014 by A.M.
Location: Benicia, CA

Very responsive and professional. Even though I didn’t decide to use the service my experience was still pleasant.

Mortgage help from Max

04/01/2010 by Alex & Alicia G.
Location: Austin, TX

Max stepped in when my other broker failed to respond to our unusual needs. We had a time commitment on our offer and we needed to know whether we could get things done quickly. With no notice, Max answered the call and got things done. He answered all of my calls personally and got me answers when I needed it. I would use Max again without looking elsewhere.

Amazing! I can’t imagine how life would have been going somewhere else.

02/20/2015 by Elizabeth T.
Location: Leander, Texas

I got all my questions answered. Thank you Leaman Team!!

Amanda and the Leaman Team were great! I got my best rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage after 2 days of shopping around.

10/03/2018 by Brian G.
Location: Austin

They were extremely responsive and closed with time to spare. Recently I recommended Amanda to a friend and they also received their best rate. Highly recommended!


09/02/2014 by M.M.
Location: Cedar Park, Texas

When purchasing my first home I started working with [another lender] directly to obtain my mortgage loan. I was finding it to be quite a nightmare working with them in general. I wasn’t sure if that was just the way buying a home was, but after talking to a few people I was recommended Max Leaman. I was a little hesitant to start over but after speaking with Max once, I decided to give him a try. That was the best decision I had made in a while. Talk about smooth and easy – night and day compared to working with [another lender]. Max and Team are very responsive and are on top of things. I know people that have had more hassle renting places then I did with my first home purchase.
Anyway, I have just finished my second home purchase and things went just as great as they did 4 years ago. Excellent experience once again. I only have Bank of America loan department to compare Max to, but I would never try anywhere else.

The Max Leaman Team was professional, responsive, courteous, and offered as a competitive rate as we found.

02/12/2014 by Jon T.
Location: Austin, Texas

extremely helpful and walked us through every step of the process, provided a number of different options based on our needs, and made sure that we felt comfortable every step of the way.

They are my mortgage loan company. They were really helpful and made the process as easy as possible.

09/30/2013 by A.M.
Location: Friendswood, TX

Great communication through email, phone and fax. Jori and Billie were great. This just shows that you don’t have to be local with a loan company to have a great experience. They explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. They were able to lock in a pretty low rate right before they went up some again. I am glad that I used the Lehman Team and I would recommend them to anyone.

Mortgage Lender Reviews