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Since 2001, Leaman Team has helped clients to purchase and refinance home loans. The biggest distinction between lenders is their honesty, customer service, and ability to close on time.

  • Great Rates & Low Fees.
  • Close on time without surprises.
  • Step by step, we guide you through the process so you understand what we are doing and why.
  • Award-winning customer service from application to closing.

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Go see Max!

05/05/2010 by E. & H.R.
Location: Austin, TX

We were referred to Max by a friend, and as first time homebuyers we were a little nervous. We had an idea of what we could afford on our monthly budget, but we had no idea what that meant in terms of getting a loan or making a down payment. Not to worry, Max explained everything to us, and thankfully he is very patient because we had lots of questions not just in the office but after we got home. Anytime we had a question, depending on the time of day, we would call him or email him and he always responded promptly. Go see Max! You won’t regret it.

Pros: Knowledgable, Friendly, Helpful, Patient

Refinance to 15 year mortgage.

09/02/2015 by Ranjeet. J.
Location: Houston, Texas

Service by Max Leaman Team was outstanding and the refinance process was painless and was completed exactly in 30 days. Very competitive refinancing fees as well. It was way better than dealing with the big banks.

Max and his team follow a concierge type service model, and that is quite rare in the loan business.

08/25/2014 by Mathew J.
Location: Cedar Park, Texas

His team is attentive to detail, respects your time and can be trusted to get the job done.

You can be assured that once you have your application submitted, it is being looked at it by professionals who really care and know the importance of the task at hand.

It is one of the rarest experiences in which I knew that I do not have to be following up, since Max and his team are working as hard as possible to get you the best offer.

My experience was excellent and I am confident that Max and his team will exceed your expectations.

Max Leaman – Second to none

04/05/2010 by Carrie C.
Location: Austin, TX

Max was a complete relief when it came to pursuing our first home purchase. In spite of the bevy of issues that arose around our specific experiences, I felt confident that he was committed and did absolutely everything in his power to mitigate exceptions and make our first home purchase fun, smooth, and easy. I would never hesitate to recommend him and am relieved that we actually got into our home and were supported 100% through the entire process. Most significantly though, I feel like if I need to get a hold of Max for any reason, even after the actual closing process has commenced, I can call him with any questions, big or small and know I’m being advised accurately.

I’m looking into a refinance/home equity loan, and I called Max Leaman because of all the good reviews.

05/11/2010 by Mike D.
Location: Austin, TX

Despite determining right off the bat that he probably wasn’t the best guy to help me, and giving me a recommendation for someone to talk to, Max stayed on the phone with me and patiently explained the ins and outs of Texas loan statutes, what to expect from different institutions, etc. He even called me back when the connection died. All this for someone who’s not even a customer. That earns 5 stars in my book.

The best! Max has great prices and great service.

08/22/2018 by Paul H.
Location: Austin

He is super helpful and extremely competitive. He helped me save a lot of money in closing costs and fees. Thanks!

It’s a no-brainer. Work with Max!

12/15/2010 by E.B.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max helped me close a house deal early to allow my wife and I to move out of our Louisiana home and into our Austin home simultaneously without sacrificing detail, efficiency, a good sense of humor, a positive attitude, or great customer service. It’s a no-brainer. Work with Max!

We went to Max to get pre-approved solely based on the reviews here.

06/30/2012 by Jenny L.
Location: Austin, TX

We ended up going with him for our mortgage because 1) he offered the best rates and 2) he and his team offered unparalleled customer service.

He’s three things that are hard to find in one mortgage professional:
Extremely knowledgeable
Extremely responsive
Extremely personable

I really can’t say more other than he could not have impressed us more. This is as pleasurable as getting a mortgage gets, people.

Max Leaman and his team made the home buying process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

10/25/2017 by Danilo S.
Location: Austin, TX

We were first time home buyers so the communication they provided helped calm our nerves throughout the process. We originally were working with another lender and it was impossible to get accurate information in a timely manner. Max and his team put them to shame and made the buying process as easy as can be. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home or looking to switch lenders.

The Right Man for The Job

01/06/2010 by Mike G.
Location: Austin, TX

About five years ago, I made the biggest purchase of my life…A house! However, this was no small feat. It all started with a close, personal friend and my realtor suggesting I meet with this loan officer named Max. I set up an appointment to meet with Max to discuss my financial capabilities. Max told me some things, which at the time, sort of discouraged me.

You have to remember these were the good old days of mortgage lending when every tom, dick, and harry got a fly-by-night adjustable rate loan. Not that I was looking for that, but I did want instant gratification. What I got, instead, was actually, in hindsight, really good advice from Max. He suggested that I not go for the “anyone-can-qualify” loan and instead save up some more money and obtain a more secure loan. So, a monetary goal was agreed upon by Max and I, and the hardest part of the process began….Saving!

Needless to say, I reached my goal. In roughly 10 months I had saved the money and was back to knocking on Max’s door. With my end of the bargain being met, it was time for Max to work his magic. Max did his best to educate me and hold my hand through every step of the loan process. I must say it was a little intimidating at first. Its a lot of numbers to compute and papers to sign. Never once did I feel like I was being taken for a ride or rushed on through so he could get to the next guy. I felt very trusting of Max the whole time. And in the wake of the financial crisis and the housing bubbles I felt vindicated in my choice of loan officers. The sound advice and the great service I received from Max left such an impression on me that I now recommend him to ALL of my family and friends.

In fact, I just re-financed my house to take advantage of the shockingly low interest rates, and the second time around was even easier then the first! I can’t say enough good things about this guy, so you’ll just have to see for yourselves . . .

Mortgage Lender Reviews