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Since 2001, Leaman Team has helped clients to purchase and refinance home loans. The biggest distinction between lenders is their honesty, customer service, and ability to close on time.

  • Great Rates & Low Fees.
  • Close on time without surprises.
  • Step by step, we guide you through the process so you understand what we are doing and why.
  • Award-winning customer service from application to closing.

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Max is the best loan mortgage officer.

08/03/2011 by Christopher R.
Location: Austin, TX

Max is excellent! I can give him 6 stars. I found Max on internet and came with Max after got denied from 3 other loan mortgage due to our low credit score. Max is really friendly that is easy to work with. He also has full knowledge about loan. He accepted our low scredit score quickly and guided us how to raise our credit. He gave us loan with low interest. He helped us found the good inspector and cheap home insurance. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for mortgage loan, especially 1st home buyer. Max is the best loan officer I’ve ever had. Thanks Max!

Excellent lender

01/22/2019 by Nikki
Location: Austin, Texas

Max and his team were very professional, responsive and helpful throughout the process. Max offered me a very competitive rate, which made all the difference in my first home purchase. He and his team answered all my questions thoroughly and swiftly, which helped me make the right decisions for my situation and close on time. It was a very smooth transaction thanks to Max!

Max and his team are knowledgable, ethical, and efficient.

01/03/2014 by Reid K.
Location: Austin,, Texas

Max will take the time to understand your situation, and will talk you through his recommended approach. He is patient to answer any questions and will make sure you understand the details of the transaction. I worked with Max on my fifth mortgage loan, and it was (by far) the best overall experience I have had during a mortgage process.

Max walked my fiance and I through the lending process with ease.

04/25/2011 by C.T.
Location: Austin, TX

He listened to our concerns and gave options that would work best for our situation. He kept us in the drivers seat while still keeping us under control. Max even came to our closing to make sure all our questions concerning our lending were answered. I hope I wont have to buy a house for many years but if we do we will go see Max.

We refinanced our 6.5% mortgage to a 3.625% mortgage.

03/12/2013 by John K.
Location: Frisco, Texas

From first contact on 1/18 to the closing on 3/1 and funding of the mortgage on 3/6, the process was smooth, painless, and had none of the usual ‘surprises’.

We tried to refinance in mid 2010 shooting for a rate around 4.875%. We worked with one of Dave Brennan’s recommended firms, but found the required PMI costs would rise to $160/mo from our current $61 on a 6.5% mortgage. That plus closing costs of over $5000, not counting escrow deposits, reduced the savings too much, so we did nothing.
late Jan 2013, with rates now in the 3.5 – 3.625% range, we decided to try again. I provided this to each of four candidate lenders: Home value based on realtor’s comp study, mortgage balance, credit score for wife and myself, w-2 and 1099 incomes, debts, annual real estate tax and insurance costs. I told each I wanted to get written ballpark quotes – cost per month, escrow requirements, estimated closing costs; then I would pick one or two to proceed with formal refinance application.
Costco: I found out Costco was contracting with banks and with an Executive Costco Membership, their handling fees would be maxed at about $500. As soon as I requested a quote and submitted basic facts, I received a call from Bank of the Internet within minutes. They were able to provide verbal rough quotes on monthly costs, stated I needed $100/mo PMI, and mortgage amount needed, but could not or would not provide detail closing costs, which looked like $4K based on other numbers. But after that first call, I could never talk to the rep in person and exchanged emails and voice mails and played phone tag. They were quoting 3.625%
A 2nd bank recommended by Costco also called almost immediately, and gave me rough verbal estimates. This one also said I needed PMI for about $100/mo. Quote was 3.625%. Quoted closing costs were vague.
Navy Federal Credit Union – my main bank – I called in, gave enough facts over the phone to submit a rough quote request, and received an emailed detailed quote the next day. But it included exhorbitant max numbers such as a $2000 survey charge, $500 appraisal, too many months of escrow, etc., which totally turned me off. No one ever followed up by phone or email, ever. Quote was 6.25%. I know they were quoting on the high end, but this was ridiculous.
Then I found Max Leaman, and submitted quote request about noon, Friday 1/18. I received a reply soon, and a call from Jori Stern. I discussed my desires and facts with her, and had numbers from her that afternoon. I had given her the comp analysis from my realtor friend and she assured me that PMI was not needed. I received answers on Sat, and by Monday was given a written quote with closing costs in the range of $3100, not counting escrow. By Tuesday, 1/20, I was emailing past tax returns, pay stubs, etc. Jori was always prompt in her replies, and gave me sound advice on whether I should buy down the rate with points (not worth it) and on other issues. We were shooting for a 3/1 closing date. With their low closing costs and the absence of PMI, our mortgage cost per month, including escrow for tax and insurance will be about 29% lower and the savings will pay for the cost of refinancing in about 9 months. By 2/5, Jori had confirmed a target close date of 3/1/2013.
Over the next week Jori promptly emailed answers to any questions I had and kept me informed of the status of our mortgage
In Mid Feb Jori told me my Loan Processor. promptly contacted me, and asked for a few more documents.
Then I was contacted by Bryan Adair of Patten Law, which was handling the Title, letting me know when the notary public man would conveniently visit us in our home at a time of our choosing to sign the paperwork. We did not have to go to a title company office. Paperwork was signed in about 30 minutes on 3/1. On 3/7 Jori let me know the mortgage had been funded. The notary handed us a DVD with all of the documents on 3/1, and on 3/4 Bryan Adair emailed us copies of the 140 pages of signed documents

Throughout this process, everyone we dealt with – Jori Stern, Patten Law, and the notary public – were professional, knowledgeable,courteous, and efficient. Overall, I probably spent no more than 3 hours on this, primarily gathering,scanning, and emailing the initial set of income, tax return, employment and other documentation. I really felt like a customer in the hands of professionals.

Max and his team were great to work with.

11/06/2012 by D.K.
Location: Willis, TX

They are all very professional and work hard to make sure that their clients are happy and close in a timely fashion. No matter whether you live in Austin, Houston or Dallas I recommend Max and his team.

The entire process was smooth from start to finish except for one small hiccup that Max worked fast to fix and did so.

Max and everyone at Lehman are first class.

01/14/2019 by Scott K.
Location: Galveston, Texas

No BS just get it done as efficiently as possible. I will never consider anyone else and neither should you. Go with the Lehman Team!

I really enjoyed working with Max Leaman & his team.

10/07/2014 by G.B.
Location: Austin, Texas

I was using my VA loan to purchase my home and felt very comfortable that Max and team fully understood the paperwork and special requirements to get my loan approved quickly and at a great rate. The entire team are extremely knowledgeable and expedited my paperwork so I could close before the end of the month. I would definitely recommend the Leaman team!

Thank you Leaman Team! You all are awesome!!!

I’d like to echo some of the wonderful attributes already mentioned about Max.

07/18/2011 by Devon M.
Location: Austin, TX

He is a very personable and bright loan officer. His customer service is impeccable. He tended to my every question and made sure I understood what to expect during the process. I credit him with my smooth home closing. I will definitely recommend him to family, friends, and colleagues in the future.

Quality Excellent

06/27/2013 by Josh G.
Location: Austin, TX

Max and his team were a pleasure to work with, and responded quickly at every turn to ensure the best rate and answer any questions.

Mortgage Lender Reviews