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Since 2001, Leaman Team has helped clients to purchase and refinance home loans. The biggest distinction between lenders is their honesty, customer service, and ability to close on time.

  • Great Rates & Low Fees.
  • Close on time without surprises.
  • Step by step, we guide you through the process so you understand what we are doing and why.
  • Award-winning customer service from application to closing.

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Mortgage Lender Reviews

This was a very professional, friendly, caring team!

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09/02/2014 by J.H.
Location: Round Rock, Texas

We had some issues from coming from out-of-state, and Jori Stern put us completely at ease, and calmed my fears! They had all of our documents ready to go for the closing, days in advance, and we felt completely confident in their ability to get the job done correctly and efficiently!

Low Rates and SUPERIOR Service

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05/04/2010 by Chris & Martha R.
Location: Austin, Texas

We interviewed and reserached several lenders and brokers for our recent home purchase and decided to go with Max. We chose Max because had very competitive rates, lots of positive reviews, and he was VERY RESPONSIVE. We were not disapppointed. We closed on our house a few weeks ago and were very impressed with Max’s level of service. Max was a wealth of information on the various financing options available to us. The loan process was fast and painless. We scheduled both the sale of our previous home and the purchase of the new one on the same day AND CLOSED IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!!

MAX was huge help in ensuring that the SALE of our previous home closed on time. He reviewed our buyer’s information and even spoke to their lender and remained in contact with them throughout the process. On closing day, there were no surprises. All the numbers and documents we had previously reviewed matched exactlay what we signed that day. We highly recommend Max to anybody looking to buy a home. Thank you Max!

Pros: Competitive rates, superior service, FAST closing
Cons: None

I cannot begin to say how AMAZING this team is. We were first time home buyers and we were very confused with the whole process.

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02/07/2017 by Rachel D.
Location: Leander

Amanda S. and her team answered every question we ever had. Their team was on point every step of the way. We were also recommended an excellent realtor by them aswell. We had some isses during the process but they kept us on schedule the entire time and made this process less of a stressor than thought it would be. One thing I can say for sure, Amanda, Krystal and Lesley, they made this such an easy process for our family we wouldnt choose any other company but them if we ever bought another house in the future. Choose Charlie’s Angels…. excuse me… The Leaman Team! Now if they could only help us unpack! (Just kidding!)

In moving to Austin area recently, we reached out to the Leaman team for an estimate on financing.

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06/26/2014 by Tracey A.
Location: Austin, Texas

We also contacted a bank with which we already do business to compare and with whom we had already secured a previous mortgage.

By far, the Leaman team, surpassed all expectations. They were professional, prompt, informative, and knowledgeable and although it took us more than four months to find a home, they were there every step of the way guiding us with information, facts, and figures that allowed us to make an informative and timely decision in the challenging housing market in Austin.

Jori Stern is outstanding and never missed a beat. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the level of communication from our bank. Jori often would answer emails within minutes; the bank would take days. As another reviewer pointed out, Jori consistently remains positive even though there were many times when the search for our next house seemed dismal.

Although we were hesitant at first not to use our bank, the great experience with the Leaman team made us wonder why we hadn’t accessed a private lender previously.

Without hesitation, my husband and I strongly would recommend the Leaman Team!

Max made buying a home for the first time a great experience.

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07/19/2010 by Avelino R., First Time Homebuyer
Location: Austin, TX

I felt like he was very knowledgeable about the kind of loan I needed, very honest about the entire process and all the nuances of purchasing a home, and perhaps most important, I thought he had my best interests in mind. Max is always working, so if you have a burning question, he’s quick to respond. I have already recommended Max a few times since getting in the house just a few weeks ago.

Max Leaman and his team rocked it. It was the easiest and the best home mortgage transaction we have ever had.

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08/05/2020 by J.D.
Location: Austin

We will be using Max going forward on our future transactions. If we could give Max.s team 10 stars we would. Happy clients. 👍🏽😃

Our financial advisor suggested that we refinance our home.

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05/13/2013 by Carol T.
Location: Houston, Texas

We proceeded with his recommended mortgage lender, and the entire experience was terrible. Frustrated, I took matters into my own hands, found Max Leaman – Prime Lending. Jori Stern handled the entire process, and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The professionalism of this group can’t be beat! Every detail was handled carefully and swiftly. I strongly recommend this group and would use them again. I know my son will contact them when he purchases his first home.

I have conducted a couple of transactions with the Leaman Team and was very impressed, which is why I contacted them the second time.

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09/02/2015 by John M.
Location: Georgetown, Texas

I have done 11-12 personal real estate transactions in 30 + years and have never had an experience that came close to the positives. No surprises, professional, thourough/tended to the details, had creative ideas, good rates, and the responsiveness unparalled.

They get what client service is and in today’s business world where often there is marketing sizzle and not much steak, it was a very welcomed and enjoyable experience.

Jori Stern was very knowledgeable, pleasant/positive, helpful, and extremely responsive, even on a couple of weekend questions. The Leaman Team step by step process seemed experience based and the documentation and closing phases were fluid. No hesitation at all recommending Jori and the team!

Max went FAR above and beyond in helping my husband and I get our house.

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01/11/2012 by Teal Z.
Location: Austin, TX

He made things that seemed really confusing, understandable. We never would have made it without Max- he is on the buyer’s side! Big time!!!!

helped me with a non-traditional situation, and got everything handled on-time and with no hassle!

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05/28/2014 by B.G.
Location: Austin, Texas

expertise and experience really showed.