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I used Max and the Leaman Team for my first ever home purchase and the service I received was nothing short of exceptional.

08/21/2021 by J.R.
Location: Austin

Max seamlessly helped me navigate the application process so all things could go as smooth as possible. I was recommended to speak to Max through my current employer and I can honestly say that without his help I may have never made the leap to purchasing my first property. Even with some last minute hold ups due to Covid-19 Max was able to find solutions allowing me to close on time and secure my home. I am forever grateful for the work Max and his team have done for me. I look forward to working with him in the future for my next purchase

Max and his team seamlessly ushered my wife and I through the financing process on both of our properties.

08/20/2021 by G.G.
Location: Austin

His experience is unmatched and service impeccable. I will use Leaman Team for every home purchase moving forward.

As first time homeowners, my wife and I were new to the whole process, and weary of making a misstep.

08/09/2021 by Robert
Location: Austin, TX

Max Leaman and his team worked hard to find the best rate option for us, guide us through the loan approval process and ensure we fully understood the process, and helped us tackle any unforeseen obstacles. Max came highly recommended from our realtor, and we verified his successful track record as well.

Max and Brittanie did an incredible job with my purchase and loan process.

04/20/2021 by L.M.
Location: Austin, Texas

They walked me through lots of options, provided quick feedback on questions about different cost scenarios, and moved super fast to make sure everything was in order to close on time. I felt like I could call and ask the most basic questions and received thoughtful and honest answers every step of the way!

One of the hardest challenges for my first purchase was the lending company making sense of how I earn my income.

03/29/2021 by R.S.
Location: Manchaca Texas

As an independent contractor, I had to justify multiple forms of payments, from multiple companies, and even some employers. It was a stack of a mess, and felt like doing taxes every week. My realtor turned me on to Max Leaman and LoanPeople, and I was cautiously optimistic. What I experienced, during one of the most challenging times in Austin’s real estate market, was twofold: not only an understanding of my needs and story as far as my income goes, but also a deeply appreciated flexibility in sending documents. With two million obligations in the escrow process, Max and his team were a breath of fresh air, communicating clearly what they needed and when, and how. I’m so grateful for their oasis in the midst of the chaos. I can’t recommend Max Leaman and LoanPeople enough.”

It was so easy and nice to work with Amanda.

02/25/2021 by Ninad R.
Location: Pflugerville, Texas

I was genuinely very happy by the kind of service they offered. They were quick to respond and answered all the questions I had regarding the loan process. I would definitely recommend others to at least give them a shot. I am sure you wont be disappointed by their service.

I recently had a client use Misty as their lender when buying their first home.

02/14/2021 by Jessica P.
Location: Texas

Misty was amazing from start to finish. She was available to answer questions and when we hit a bump in the road, she was more than happy to really team up and work with me to get our clients to the closing table. I’ve been so impressed with her & her service that I’ve added her to my preferred lender list.

Lenders are truly a huge part of the puzzle when it comes to buying a home, it’s important to have a great one on your side & I can confidently say that Misty truly is a GREAT one!

Wow I can’t say enough…With interest rates so low, we decided to do a refinance for our rental property.

01/30/2021 by Eric C.
Location: Austin Texas

I saw that the Max Leaman team had the best reviews on yelp and proceeded to fill out their online application. I filled it out on Christmas day and someone got back to me right away the following day. They are so responsive and gave me such a great low rate. They took care of everything and I am blown away by how smooth this transaction went.

Thanks so much Max Leaman team. It was a joy to work Kristin and you guys saved us so much money.

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional service that we received during our entire refinancing process.

11/20/2020 by Teri H.
Location: Richmond, Texas

Amanda Stewart’s professionalism and knowledge was very much appreciated. Amanda and her team went went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were met and that everything was handled efficiently. We have and will continue to highly recommend Amanda in the future!

I have been working with Max and his team. They are a head and shoulder above the better mortgage companies and lenders I have ever worked with in my life.

11/01/2020 by S.B.
Location: Austin, Texas

Extremely responsive, precise, fast with great customer service and a great team. Particularly, I found Max (unlike most in this industry) very knowledgeable about the laws and processes and knows the real estate financing world inside out. I’ll update the review with interest rate review once done with the process

We searched for a good lender and got quotes from many.

09/21/2020 by B.A.
Location: Austin, Texas

Not only did Max deliver on his promises but his timeline as well. They’ve obviously done this a few times and it shows. They ask for everything up front so that when the closing comes you don’t have to go locate some obscure document that is required that delays closing. Plus, he beat everyone’s rates. Save yourself the trouble and use Max.

We received professional and helpful service on our first home purchase.

09/15/2020 by Michelle S.
Location: Georgetown, Texas

Every question we had was answered in a timely manner. Max was easy to talk to and made sure we understood everything that was presented to us. We were very pleased with the interest rate we received. We will absolutely use Max again in the future.

Max was all the things you want – really knew his stuff, helpful, responsive, but beyond that he also suggested better options to navigate selling and buying a house with a non-contingent sale that I was not aware off.

09/08/2020 by A.K.
Location: New Braunfels

Max’s team was also very helpful and responsive, as was the other lender we worked with that Max recommended. The whole process was easy and we were kept informed the whole way. Thanks Max!

Short answer: Compared three different companies. Their second offer was better than anyone else’s third offer.

09/03/2020 by Ben W.
Location: Leander, Texas

We had a bit of a time pressure situation to make sure we could close in time; not only did they meet the deadline (the others all proposed a deadline extension), but they beat the deadline by enough that we ended up trying to figure out if we could advance the deadline to get us in the house earlier.

(Turns out you can’t do that. Not their fault, though.)

I’m writing this review while sitting in my house. Highly recommended.

Max and his team are true professionals.

08/24/2020 by H.R.
Location: Galveston, Texas

They answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable at all times. We got a great rate on our refinance this go around but used The Leaman Team for our initial mortgage in 2017 and had a great experience with them back then as well. I can’t recommend them enough! Hal- why are you telling us this? I’m telling everybody!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Max on two different home purchases and a refinance, and in my opinion he really makes things easy.

08/21/2020 by ZUser
Location: Texas

He and his team are lightning-fast communicators, and are always proactive about getting what they need from you in order to cross the finish line. Each time I got bids from other lenders, Max’s rates and fees always came in lower. He has a great reputation among agents and title companies around Austin, and they know that when you’re using Max that the transaction is going to go smoothly. I truly appreciate how hard he works and his dedication to making my home-owning dreams come true. I look forward to doing business with him again soon!

I was introduced to Max in 2012 when I needed a mortgage on my first home.

08/20/2020 by Adam C.
Location: Austin, TX

Like many first time buyers, I didn’t know much about mortgages, rates, float downs or points, but he educated me on all of it and offered the lowest rate. He was communicative every step of the way and we even did part of the underwriting document exchange during our trip abroad.

When buying our second home in 2017, I made an error. I talked to Max, but ended up going with the competition. They were offering a slightly lower rate. Let me tell you…. things are not always as they seem. After the competitor requested a treasure trove of documents, the bank underwriting the loan was not going to honor the original offer. It ended up working out, but it wasn’t an easy experience and created stress along the way.

A few months ago, we decided to buy an investment property. I knew I wasn’t going to mess around with the competition, because it wasn’t worth the heartburn. Max offered a competitive rate, once again explained everything I would need to do, and it all came to fruition when we closed on time and there were no last minute surprises.

As one of our famous ex-president’s said, “There’s an old saying that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Max Leaman is the best in business. Super nice, super responsive and genuine.

08/20/2020 by S.M.
Location: Austin, TX

I cannot recommend Max and his team enough.

The Leaman team was very helpful when I decided to refinance earlier this year.

08/20/2020 by Cory S.
Location: Austin

They were very quick to answer questions at anytime and helped even outside of normal business hours. They made the whole process very easy and have recommended to my family for refinancing and will use in the future.

I am a real estate investor so I have bought many properties over the course of the last 10 years.

08/20/2020 by Adam P.
Location: Austin

Max and his team are, hands down, the best group I have ever worked with. From the beginning, I was very impressed with the software Max used to streamline my application process. What usually takes many hours of tedious work grabbing documents was done in a fraction of the time. After my initial application, Max and his team took over the process. I was kept informed and updated along the way, but they really did the heavy lifting. We hit a snag (I had not filed a tax return so it was really late), but Max stepped in and saved the day. He told me exactly what I needed to do to resolve the issue, we did that, and I got the loan. Oh, and the rate. Best in town I have a come across. It’s rare to get great service and excellent pricing, but that’s exactly what Max and his team delivered. From here on out, I’m not going anywhere else.

Max and his team went above and beyond to make buying our first home an incredibly easy and straightforward process.

08/20/2020 by J.M.
Location: Austin

They were on top of all emails and quick to respond if we ever had any questions, even outside of normal business hours. I can’t recommend the Leaman Team enough!

Max and his team are amazing.

08/20/2020 by Micki M.
Location: Austin

The knowledge and professionalism that each member of the team exhibited made for a great overall experience and turned what could have been a negative outcome into our dream coming true, even among a Pandemic!
I couldn’t recommend anyone else in the business more highly. Five Star Service with a Smile and more importantly, results.

Max & his team were the best, professional, friendly & efficient.

08/20/2020 by D.B.
Location: Cameron TX

We highly recommend them!

Max has helped us three times (two purchases and a refi), and has made the process easy and smooth each time.

08/19/2020 by Reagan W.
Location: Cedar Park

The personal attention he and his team offer is what sets them apart. Highly recommend Max and team.

The BEST refinancing experience we have ever had.

08/18/2020 by Crystal L.
Location: Austin, TX

(Note: Technically, the ONLY refi my hubs and I have ever gone through…)

I have to say buying a house and going through the Austin market is daunting, but when you have professionals helping you every step of the way, answering questions and giving you swift responses to what you want (aka show me the numbers), the Leaman team from LoanPeople cannot be beat.

I was shopping around with Bankrate and Better Mortgage but not getting far with hunting down reliable online quotes though low, and I wanted to ensure we would close without any radio silence, queue Yelp and they were a top fav. I know, you may think something’s in the water, aka marketing and ad revenue dollars at play, but here me out. I asked for a quote through submitting our details online and Jori got back to us within the next morning with the lowest rates and most reasonable closing costs ever. Since we purchased our home last year, we had gone through so much and their system determined the Appraisal fee could be waived ($575 saved) so everything was MUCH lower rates + closing fees total.

We decided, let’s go local, let’s have our money stay in Austin and let’s LOCK this down, we want to close asap. I sent a feeler on getting to chat with mortgage brokers in late May and Jori was so helpful, then went through filling the app out in June and we got the ball rolling. Jori was very helpful even though we never met in person (due to COVID and practicing safe social distancing measures) but you would never know since it was business as always. E-mails and phone calls were swift and she shared because everyone has tried to get in on the low rates, the volume of applications are just so high we were targeting an early August close.

Cue 2 months later, last Thursday, we closed and I’m ecstatic we went from our 30 year mortgage as first time home buyers last year to 15 year mortgage homeowners and we’ll own our own home soon enough with rates under 3%.

Thank you for making me SO happy at how seamless this was, I would refinance again and again if rates were always this low. :)

We used Max Leaman and his fantastic team to do a property for us.

08/05/2020 by John E.
Location: Austin Texas

The process was very smooth and we will be using Max again on our next purchase soon. If we could give Max Leaman and his team 10 stars we would.

Max Leaman and his team rocked it. It was the easiest and the best home mortgage transaction we have ever had.

08/05/2020 by J.D.
Location: Austin

We will be using Max going forward on our future transactions. If we could give Max.s team 10 stars we would. Happy clients. 👍🏽😃

The best rates you’ll find anywhere.

07/16/2020 by Amanda W.
Location: Austin, TX

We bought out austin home 3 years ago and we’re really disappointed with interest rates we were seeing, we almost went with another lender and then found the Leaman team who got us over .5% less than anyone was offering on our jumbo lean.

Fast forward to now during covid times where interest rates have dropped dramatically, we reached out to the Leaman team again to see if it would be worth refinancing and the rates they’re offering us are lower than what the nation average is which was really surprising. All our costs are being built into the loan so we’re not paying out of pocket, we’re just saving a ton of money with no headache.

100%%%%% recommend the Leaman team!

We worked with Misty and Janey at Max Leaman and they were nothing short of AMAZING!!!

07/01/2020 by P.C.
Location: Austin

With all the stuff going on with Covid, there were so many additional requirements put on our loan and Misty and Janey were on top of everything! We had been working with another lender, and when things went south with him, Misty and her team came to the rescue and helped us close! Thanks so much for all your help!

I wanted to refinance my property in Austin, but I was turned down by another lender as my visa is being renewed and they don’t know how to process it. I reached out to these guys for help.

07/01/2020 by A.K.
Location: Aurora, IL

I explained Misty Spears clearly what was happening with my Visa status and she got back to me with all the details necessary to move forward with the loan application. I also got help from Mallory Jenkins, she worked with me on the documentation necessary to process the loan. Both of them were helpful and addressed my concerns. I was able to close my loan on time and I greatly appreciate the team’s effort behind this. Awesome job and much awesome team. No wonder they have 5/5 reviews all the time.

Very Very Impressed

06/23/2020 by Russell
Location: Austin, TX

We recently completed a REFI with Jori and the Max Leaman team. All I can say is how impressed we are with the speed, accuracy and efficiency of their work. We closed on time and got the BEST rate from all the lenders we shopped for. Keep up the amazing work!

Another Fantastic Experience

06/22/2020 by Andrew Andersen
Location: Buda, TX

This is the third loan I’ve done with Jori and Max Leaman’s team. There is a reason why I always turn to them — they are fantastic!! The process with our original contract drug on for almost six months before we had to switch to a new contract. That didn’t phase them and were able to switch gears in an instant and quickly close the loan. Jori and Erika are easy to get a hold of and return calls/emails quickly, which is comforting when time is of the essence. If someone asks me for a recommendation for a mortgage lender, I have only one answer — Jori and the Max Leaman team. Thank you for making our new home a reality!

When my wife and I started the process of refinancing our home we spoke to a couple of local lenders. Max Leaman had the best communication and the lowest rate.

05/28/2020 by P.O.
Location: Texas

Max and his team respond quickly to phone calls and emails. They gave us a clear list of all of the documentation that we needed to move forward. They work quickly and efficiently.

True professionals. We will be recommending Max and his team to all of our family and friends looking to purchase a home or refinance.

Max has immense knowledge of the mortgage industry and my family would refer him to ANYONE.

05/01/2020 by M.R.
Location: Austin

Fast, responsive, reliable. Better than ANYONE else in the Austin market. Doesn’t even compare! Go with Max!!

I worked with the Max Leaman team on the purchase of my first home. The level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated by Max Leaman and team far surpassed my expectations.

03/01/2020 by P.D.
Location: Austin

As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated Max’s honesty and transparency throughout the mortgage process. His team stays on top of every detail and is there for you every step of the way to answer any questions and address any concerns. I highly recommend Max Leaman and team

When we started looking for a new home, it was a no-brainer to reach out to Max Leaman’s team.

10/19/2019 by L.W.
Location: Lakeway, TX

We had another stellar experience working with Jori – she is super responsive regardless of what stage you are at, got us a great rate, and closing was a breeze. I highly recommend her!

Working with the Max Leaman team was a great experience.

10/11/2019 by JD W.
Location: Austin

As a first time home buyer they got us the loan we needed, and they did it quick. Shout out to Misty for all her help. 5 stars, recommend.

Amanda and Janey were professional and were able to answer all my questions.

08/23/2019 by A.B.
Location: Round Rock

They worked hard to get me the best rate and terms possible. I appreciated all of their hard work to put us into a home

Jori, our contact person with Max Leaman, was incredibly helpful.

08/16/2019 by E.B.W.
Location: Austin

She explained the mortgage process in a way that was easy for me to understand as a first-time home buyer, was responsive in all communication forms, and pleasant to work with. Thank you so much!!

Best Rate!

08/09/2019 by W.A.
Location: Texas

Always available – I mean always like any day of the week available. Very fast to respond and always provided the numbers while going through each item line by line. Closing was a breeze. I am grateful that we used your services during our home purchase. Thanks again!

Excellent, professional service throughout the transaction.

08/02/2019 by P.R.
Location: Cedar Park

I highly recommend them and wouldn’t hesitate to do business with Leaman again in the future

Great experience with the Leaman Team for the second time.

08/01/2019 by Arielle
Location: Texas

Jori was professional and patient and she was always available to answer our questions during and after business hours. She made the whole process goes smooth and easy and the closing date was on time as promised

5 Stars

07/30/2019 by Frankie R.
Location: Buda, TX

Our very experienced Realtor suggested Max Leaman and their team was very prompt, professional and were very accommodating to my wife and I with the purchase of our first home. Thank you so much!

The Leaman Team made my last home purchase the smoothest ever.

07/23/2019 by Karen C.
Location: Austin, TX

My loan officer and the knowledgeable,friendly service she provided was fantastic! Actually, the whole team was wonderful with efficiencies of a large company but personal attention that felt like a small company. I highly recommended the Leaman Team.

Max and his team are AWESOME!

07/22/2019 by Marie M.
Location: Austin, Texas

Max was super responsive, always helpful, and made us feel at ease throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Max and his people, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on them again in the future.

We have worked with the Leaman team for our past two home loans and they have delivered on both times.

07/22/2019 by Richard C.
Location: Round Rock

We worked with Misty and Amanda, who both are extremely professional and responsive. They took the time to answer all the questions we had throughout the loan process and ensured we closed on time. I definitely will work with the Leaman team again for future real estate transactions and I highly recommend them to anyone

I am very thankful for Jori and her team’s professional, responsive and honest assistance with the whole mortgage process from beginning to end.

07/22/2019 by Van V.
Location: ATX

Jori made herself available to me via email and cell phone whenever I have any question that popped up. I am grateful for all of Jori’s work she devoted to my purchase of this home. I have been lucky to receive top-notch service and most cost-effective deal ever. I can’t recommend the Max Leaman team highly enough. Thank you again!

From the beginning, he responded within minutes to all my questions. All answers were clear and above board.

07/22/2019 by Manoj G.
Location: Austin

These folks have great programs for mortgage loans and they went out of their way to help me. I have no hesitation in recommending them and would use them again for any other project. Thanks, Team.

Misty came to me as a referral from a friend and couldn’t have provided a better experience.

07/19/2019 by Jason R.
Location: San Antonio

She was professional and very knowledgeable. She and the others that I dealt with during this loan process were all tremendous. They were even able to help me close almost a week early! Great job all and great team Max!

Don’t look any further than Max and his team. We have worked with them on 3 occasions.

07/19/2019 by K.C.
Location: Austin, Texas

If you want good communication from friendly people who take the stress out of the mortgage process, these guy are it. We will recommend them and continue to use them!


07/18/2019 by Adam F.
Location: Fredericksburg

I have purchased and refinanced many properties and have never had a better experience!

Second time working with Amanda from the Leaman Team.

07/18/2019 by Jason M.
Location: Austin, Texas

Always a great experience. They got us ready for an extremely quick close. The process was easy and painless. We will definitely use them again in the future!

I loved working with Misty.

07/18/2019 by Meghan W.
Location: Austin

She was so friendly and professional. She got me a great rate on my mortgage and answered all of my questions promptly.

We had a great experience with Jori and her team.

07/17/2019 by K.H.
Location: Austin, TX

We needed to close on our new house quickly and they made it work! Process was efficient and smooth. Highly recommend.

In short we were moving from California to Texas

07/17/2019 by D.H.
Location: Lakeway, TX

I had a hiccup in our situation and Max was the only lender / partner that I spoke with who had a solution to make sure we could close on time. His whole team was engaged and made sure nothing was missed. This is the fifth house I have owned and I have never had this level of service before. I would recommend Max – and already have.

We have contacted and worked with Jori at Max Leaman on financing for 4 houses!

07/16/2019 by T.T.
Location: Houston

We started working with Jori 6 years ago when we moved and needed to buy another house. Since then, we have had our mortgage financing done with Jori and Max Leaman Austin Mortgage for every house we have purchased. The Max Leaman team is exemplary and we would not go to anyone else for our financing. If you go anywhere else, you will be sorry! HIGHLY RECOMMEND MAX LEAMAN TEAM AND JORI!!!

Working with the Max Leaman team is efficient and easy!

07/15/2019 by Ashley M.
Location: ATX

Being new to Austin, I was unsure who to use for my mortgage process and thankfully my realtor connected me with the team. The entire process was seamless. Jori constantly went above and beyond when It came to communicating updates, checking in, and taking the time to answer ALL my questions throughout the process. I will always recommend the Max Leaman team and will use them again in the future!

Great experience, smooth process and wonderful team members helped make my home buying purchase (November 2018) a breeze.

07/15/2019 by Melissa P.
Location: Austin, TX

Not a single hiccup. Closed in under a month with only the best help and confidence from y’all – thank you so much!!
Melissa P.


07/15/2019 by Dana C.
Location: Spicewood

This is our second time in the past 6 years using the Leaman team, and once again they were fantastic! The process was smooth and efficient, and all parties working on our re-fi were helpful and quick at responding to any of our questions or concerns. I highly recommend Max Leaman Austin Mortgage!

Worked with Misty and Aimee on our new home purchase in Georgetown.

07/15/2019 by Angie K.
Location: Georgetown, Texas

They were great to work with, very responsive and helpful. Would highly recommend working with the Leaman Team for your next mortgage!

I love Max Leaman and his team. As an agent, they’re the premiere lender for one of our condo projects and it is always an amazing experience.

07/10/2019 by J.S.
Location: Austin, Texas

So of course, they were their first people I went to for my personal mortgage. Jane and Max were incredibly helpful, informative and always on time with information and documents. In this business, that makes or breaks you. I always recommend the Leaman Team!

Max and his team made the home buying process easy.

07/10/2019 by K.M.
Location: Dripping Springs

He was always willing to answer any and all questions, give honest advice and feedback, and make time to talk to you. This was our third time purchasing a home and it was by far the easiest.

Amanda with the Max Leaman team was so great!

07/10/2019 by Kaylyn H.
Location: Austin

The process was super smooth and so efficient. Amanda was easy to contact and fast to respond. She answered all my questions fully and I felt so at ease (even as a first time home owner!!). All emails are super clear on what is needed of you and by when.

Working with Lori and the Team at MaxLeaman was an amazing experience.

06/19/2019 by J.S.
Location: ATX

I have closed two loans with this organization and I cannot recommend them enough.

The Leaman Team will not leave you hanging or missing correspondence. I find them to be thorough, kind and all around at top tier lending organization.

5 Stars

06/19/2019 by M.L.
Location: Austin, Texas

Working with Max during the stressful time of buying a house is an absolute delight as he and his team are easy to work with as well as responsive and made the entire process streamlined.

I worked with the Leaman Team on my home purchase.

06/18/2019 by Craig M.
Location: Dallas, Texas

As a first time buyer, they answered all of my questions and took time to explain everything to me. Additionally, I was under a tight window to close and they made it happen. They were rockstars and I highly recommend this group. Great team all around!!

Fantastic experience.

06/18/2019 by Krysten C.
Location: Leander, Texas

Have purchased 3 homes, and this was by far the best experience.

Wonderful team! From start to finish, Jori was patient, attentive and fun to work with.

06/18/2019 by Kavitha S.
Location: Cypress Texas

The Leaman team seamlessly coordinated all the proceedings with other parties (Title company etc.) and made our entire mortgage process a cake walk. We are out-of-towners for Austin and without a team of impeccable, local professionals such Leaman, we could not have done bought our home so painlessly! Highly recommend. You wont regret it!

Max Leaman and team were great to work with start to finish.

06/17/2019 by B.G.
Location: Austin, Texas

Great communication and professionalism. Highly recommend and would not hesitate to use in the future

All-star with the loan for our house at the lake.

06/17/2019 by L.S.
Location: Austin, Texas

Not only did she go out of her way to customize each offer we made, but when the right home finally came along she kept us up-to-date, explained the crazy world of financing and most importantly was a part of the full-process, not just the loan. While I feel like she’s a personal friend now, she always kept a professional air. In addition, Max has walked us through several scenarios and helped us make the best choice on investment properties as well as this new primary residence. Looking forward to seeing both of you at the house warming!

Great team! My home mortgage process went very smoothly.

06/17/2019 by P.S.
Location: Austin, TX

Max and his team were always quick to respond to my questions and they were always on top of all the paperwork. They were also proactive about reaching out to me if they needed anything. A++, 10/10, would highly recommend to anyone that wants to work with a highly efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable group. Excellent experience!

This is the second time we’ve used Jori and The Leaman Team.

06/17/2019 by T.G.
Location: South Padre Island, TX

The process was super simple, Jori and team were amazing, and we were done in 30 days. Highly recommended. These people are so kind and knowledgeable.

I had the opportunity to work with Max. Due to my unique situation I had very less time to close and still had no luck with finding a lender.

06/11/2019 by Akhil K.
Location: Austin, TX

Max stepped in and was able to get everything done within a short time frame. I have purchased multiple houses and this has been the best experience so far. I give this team 5 stars and without a doubt refer them to my friends.

I had a very smooth experience while having my conventional loan application processed by Max Leaman team.

06/11/2019 by Suchismita M.
Location: Cedar park, Texas

Being a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions which they always answered in no time. Also, they were able to meet the closing date even though I contacted them late (after my first financing option fell through). They completed the entire process in less than 2.5 weeks (Shortest. Duration. Ever.)

Max and his team saved my sanity

06/07/2019 by Patrice Gorski
Location: Austin
Neighborhood: Zilkr Park

After 3 months (yes 3 months!) working with another lending company and being told 2 times (yes 2 times!) that my condo had a problem and that we couldn’t get financing, we found Max. My realtor was told about Max and his team. Max was called by my realtor and Max called me immediately. That was 2 weeks ago. Today I closed on my condo. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. I told Max that his website was right on the money. The comments about what others say about the inability to close on a condo are spot on, that is exactly was I was told about this condo. Thank you Max and your team for saving my sanity.

The Leaman Team led me through my first home buying experience after I had been disappointed with another lender.

03/12/2019 by Mike D.
Location: Austin

Amanda was extremely helpful and available to answer any random question I had every step of the way. Additionally, they were able to close on time even though our option period caused the appraisal to be delayed by almost two weeks. I would recommend their service to anybody looking to purchase a home.

Great Guy, Top Notch Experience

01/28/2019 by C.S.
Location: Austin, Texas

This is the second time I work with Max and I’ve bought 7 properties and he’s one of the best in Austin. Wish I would have found him sooner. He’s also a great guy and wonderful to interact with…

Max and his team were great to work with.

01/28/2019 by C.G.
Location: Austin

– When interest rates were flying up, he worked with me to lock in a great rate, even as rates continued to rise that day, beating the lender I was originally going to work with.

– Very communicative and easy to work with during the closing process.

I had a great experience working with Max Leaman Austin Mortgage via Misty.

01/23/2019 by Ahmad
Location: San Jose, CA

My agent recommended them, and I believe the great reviews here reflect that clearly:
* Misty explanation were clear and straightforward. All the fees were clear and I had a good understanding of what to expect.
* They gave me the best rate, and could easily beat other options.
* I actually enjoyed working with them. Some other lenders kept harassing by constant phone calls/emails.
Do I recommend them to my friends and family: absolutely
Will I work with them in future: absolutely :)

Excellent lender

01/22/2019 by Nikki
Location: Austin, Texas

Max and his team were very professional, responsive and helpful throughout the process. Max offered me a very competitive rate, which made all the difference in my first home purchase. He and his team answered all my questions thoroughly and swiftly, which helped me make the right decisions for my situation and close on time. It was a very smooth transaction thanks to Max!

I have worked with Max Leaman and his company for a number of years.

01/21/2019 by R.F.
Location: Austin, Texas

I have done home equity loans and guided my adult kids through their first residential home loans. His service has always been excellent. His rates are often the best in the market. His service and those who work in his agency are great. When you get a loan from them you always know what is going on. Their service and their consistent follow thru on loans keeps me coming back.

Leaman team was so easy to work with, very responsive and was able to answer all the questions I had as a first time home buyer.

01/14/2019 by Natalie K.
Location: Austin

We had considered and got rates from a few other lenders and Leaman team not only worked with us to get the best rate but also provided great customer service.

As a first time home buyer, I was very intimidated by the loan process. I was recommended to the Leaman team by two different past clients.

01/14/2019 by Amy S.
Location: Austin, TX

After contacting Max, I was immediately relieved as he told me exactly what needed to be done and assured me of the process. I had dropped an offer on another home & quickly put an offer on another. Even with short notice, Max & Paige were able to expedite the appraisal and ensure that I was able to close on time. Thanks to the Leaman team for helping me purchase my first home!

I couldn’t be happier with the service, knowledge and compassion she and the Leaman team provided.

01/14/2019 by N.N.
Location: Hutto, Texas

I was not a first time buyer but it was still a very intimidating process. A lien on other property that was affecting my credit scores and worked tirelessly to get it removed and get me the score I deserved, which then provided me with a lower interest rate. She made me her priority and was quick to respond to emails and calls. In Texas you just can’t get any better Mortgage team to work with than Max Leaman. I take my hat off to y’all!!

I cannot day enough good things about Max Leaman Austin!

01/14/2019 by Aron P.
Location: Austin, Texas

My wife and I were first time home buyers and they were EXTREMELY helpful, responsive, and answered all of our questions quickly and in terms we could understand. The loan officer we worked with was Misty and I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone! Misty and the rest of the team made this usually daunting experience a delightful one!


01/14/2019 by Ashley K.
Location: Austin

Looking back, I did not realize how hard of a combination that was to work with! Max and his team not only got me into an amazing home, but they made everything effortless for me.

5 Stars

01/14/2019 by S.M.
Location: Austin

Awesome support from Aimee & Amanda in working me through the process, getting my rate sorted all the way through closing.

5 Stars

01/14/2019 by C.Z.
Location: Austin

professional and prompt help, quick loan and clean in and out. highly recommended!

I highly recommend the Leaman Team for your mortgage needs.

01/14/2019 by Raylynn H.
Location: Round Rock, Texas

Misty Lynch delivered quality service throughout my refinance. There were no surprises, all my questions were answered thoroughly and timely, and we closed earlier than expected!

The Leaman Team deserves way more than 5 stars

01/14/2019 by Stephanie D.
Location: Georgetown, Texas

We had a difficult request to refinance an owner-finance loan into a traditional loan. We had already been turned away by other lenders because of the complexity and had been trying to get this done for almost a year. We quickly learned that this was an usual process, but this team never made us feel that burden. We had less than cooperative sellers and a pain financial institution to deal with. Needless to say, we got everything completed within 30 days and now own the house of our dreams!

Max and everyone at Lehman are first class.

01/14/2019 by Scott K.
Location: Galveston, Texas

No BS just get it done as efficiently as possible. I will never consider anyone else and neither should you. Go with the Lehman Team!

Incredible company, incredible people!

01/14/2019 by J.M.
Location: Austin, Texas

Lots of great knowledge about the real estate market in Austin, always willing to jump in and help.

5 Stars

01/14/2019 by Jud B.
Location: Pflugerville

Max was super helpful when I was trying to understand the ‘preferred lender’ offer from a new home builder that wasn’t going to be in my long term best interests. He was also super helpful when I ran into delays with the builder that pushed close back. I had zero problems with Max and team, they were fantastic and I’ll use them again next time.

Max and his team are truly top Shelf, our application was smooth, any questions were answered promptly.

01/14/2019 by T.A.
Location: Lakeway, Texas

No matter when we called Max, he was always available. Not often I feel the need to do a review but Max and his team offer 1st class service. Thank You..

We had a wonderful experience with the Leamen Team and specifically Misty Lynch.

11/07/2018 by J.M.
Location: Florence, Texas

Misty (along with her team) was fantastic to work with and we always had an immediate response to any questions or
issues that came up.

I found Max through Google and read many reviews about him. H

10/19/2018 by T.T.
Location: Cedar Park, Texas

e was patient throughout my home search period (although it was months), and most importantly was able to process the loan within 3 weeks. Max and his team were very helpful answering my questions and kept me updates through my loan process. I am very happy with my loan process.

Max has been my go-to guy for the purchase of 2 homes and a refi over the past several years.

10/19/2018 by Amy A.
Location: Austin, TX

He and his team have always done a great job of finding the best rates, answering all of my questions honestly and quickly, and helping make sure the closings went smoothly and on time.

I have never had the process of buying a house go so smoothly.

10/19/2018 by D.S.
Location: Austin, Texas

It was truly painless. The service and turn around times were great. I am truly amazed.

Max and everyone at Lehman are first class. No BS just get it done as efficiently as possible.

10/18/2018 by Scott K.
Location: Houston, Texas

I will never consider anyone else and neither should you. Go with the Lehman Team!

Got a recommendation from a friend and worked with Amanda @ Max Leaman.

10/18/2018 by Xavier G.
Location: Austin, Texas

Got the cheapest rate from all my shopping around, and the service was ultra responsive. Amanda & team were on top of everything throughout my home purchase process which had a lot of kinks, and I felt very confident in their ability to deliver. Thanks for the great service, and I would recommend to anyone!