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8 Ways to Secure Your Computer on Public WiFi Connections

8 Ways to Secure Your Computer on Public WiFi Connections - Business today is fast moving and most of us work in a mobile environment. We love the proliferation of public Wi-Fi hotspots that let us check emails and go on the internet at coffee shops and other locations outside the home and office. But the truth is, when you're on these public networks, your laptop could become an open book to a hacker sitting out in the parking lot.

September 26, 2012|Business Tools|

Twelve keys to exceptional email campaigns

Twelve keys to exceptional email campaigns: 1. Get permission. 2. Keep the frequency reasonable. 3. Respect people's privacy. 4. Design for deliverability. 5. Check to see that it's all getting through. 6. Test. 7. Define your value proposition. 8. Segment your list. 9. Personalize if you can. 10. Get mobile, get social. 11. Survey your readers. 12. Stand out from the crowd.

October 27, 2010|Business Tools|

How to Grow Your Business – Find One Extra Hour a Day

Summer's over, so it's back to school for the kids and back to business for the rest of us. As you take a look at what lies ahead, it's easy to come to the conclusion there simply isn't enough time to get everything you want accomplished. You can't squeeze one more day out of the week or one more week out of the year, but you can find an extra hour each day without much trouble at all.

September 29, 2010|Business Tools|

5 ways to make your website more effective

It's important for real estate agents and agencies to keep their Web sites fresh and updated. From Google's perspective, your website should be a growing resource, with accurate content. But what should you change to make your site work harder? Here are some things to do.