Use these Google shortcuts and get better results!

Finding information through Google can sometimes take longer than you’d like. Here are some time-saving tips to get you just what you’re looking for.

1. Use a minus to narrow things down. If you’re looking for info on cubs — the young animals — use a minus sign (hyphen on the keyboard) to eliminate links to Cub scouts and the Chicago team. Enter in Search: cubs -scouts -baseball

2. Find only the file type you’re looking for. You often know the info you want is in a PDF, PowerPoint or Excel file Just add filetype:pdf, filetype:ppt or filetype:xls to your search request. For example, enter in Search: IBM annual report filetype:pdf

3. Relocate something you’ve seen. If you saw a product, service or topic online and you’d like to find it again, put it in quotes preceded by intitle:. For example, enter in Search: intitle:”Gregory packs”

4. Find a name or an exact phrase. If you’re looking for a person or a precise set of words, use quotation marks. For example, enter in Search: “John Doe” or “homebuyer tax credit”

And here are some more Google Search capabilities…

Address Finder. Enter someone’s home phone number and click Search. If it’s a listed number, you’ll get their mailing address.

Conversions. Convert measurements and even currency. Just enter “50 kilometers in miles” or “200 dollars in British pounds” and click Search.

Calculator. You see a $189 item at 30% off. Want to find out what you’ll save? Enter 189 x .30, and click Search.

Track a package. Just enter “track” plus the tracking number and click Search. You’ll get a link to the status page.

Track a flight. Enter the airline and flight number and click Search. You’ll see the latest info on departure and arrival times.

Check out a song. Enter the song title and artist and click Search. You’ll get a link to a playable file at Google partner

Get movie show times. Want to see what’s playing nearby? Enter “movies” plus your city or Zip code and click Search.

I hope these tips make you more productive than ever.