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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Signs of strong demand for 7 year notes

Demand was very good as 50% of the issue was taken by Indirect Bidders. Bid to cover ratios came in at 3.06 to 1. Both of those measures were above average. The issue was also “bid through the screen”, meaning that some got shut out even if they had at the money bids in. That is a sign of strong demand.

Twelve keys to exceptional email campaigns

Twelve keys to exceptional email campaigns: 1. Get permission. 2. Keep the frequency reasonable. 3. Respect people's privacy. 4. Design for deliverability. 5. Check to see that it's all getting through. 6. Test. 7. Define your value proposition. 8. Segment your list. 9. Personalize if you can. 10. Get mobile, get social. 11. Survey your readers. 12. Stand out from the crowd.

October 27, 2010|Business Tools|

Caution is advised to Austin mortgage borrowers!

Overall, we do not see that the fundamental economic picture has changes much at all. Technically, we are in an intermediate term bear market correction. One that could push the market to yields on the 10 year of 2.75%/2.78% (currently 2.70%). If correct, we should see good support from the 62% Fibonacci level (comes in around 2.75%).

Austin Mortgage Market Update – For the week of October 25, 2010

Last week saw September Housing Starts UP 0.3% to an annual rate of 610,000 units, well ahead of the expected 580,000 unit pace. Even better, starts are UP 4.1% over a year ago. Interestingly, the September gain was totally driven by a healthy 4.4% rise in single family starts, while multi-family starts dropped 9.7%. But multi-family starts are volatile month to month, and are actually up 100.0% compared to a year ago, while single family starts are off 10.8% during the same time frame.

Austin Mortgage Rates Improve Modestly

Uncertainty about an expected new Fed stimulus program created a lot of movement in Austin mortgage rates during the week. Fed officials offered few details about the program, though. In the end, despite the volatility, the result was just a small decline in Austin mortgage rates for the week.

New York Federal Reserve are seeking ways to force B of A to buy back mortgage backed securities to the tune of 47 billion

According to a Bloomberg news story, PIMCO (bond fund), Blackrock (hedge fund), and the New York Federal Reserve are seeking ways to force B of A to buy back mortgage backed securities to the tune of 47 billion. Reason given; due to credit quality and the failure by Countrywide to properly service loans, they have lost value – “soured.” What else is new.