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Treasury auctions

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Austin Mortgage Rates Lower After Strong Auction Demand

Although this week's economic data was generally stronger than expected, it was overshadowed by solid demand for the Treasury auctions and intensified concerns about the economic situation in Greece, which helped mortgage markets. After reaching the highest levels since August, mortgage rates ended a little lower than where they ended last week.

2010-04-09T12:37:18-05:00April 9, 2010|Austin Mortgage Market|

Low Inflation and Strong Auctions

While Austin mortgage rates climbed in December, they have decreased during the first two weeks of January. A combination of factors was favorable for mortgage markets this week. Low inflation, weaker than expected economic growth data, and strong demand for the Treasury auctions all helped Austin mortgage rates move a little lower.

2010-01-15T13:17:10-06:00January 15, 2010|Austin Mortgage Market|

Home Sales Surge

A combination of factors helped Austin mortgage rates improve yet again during the short Thanksgiving week. Strong demand for the Treasury auctions, low inflation, and a fragile economy were all positive for mortgage markets. As a result, mortgage rates dropped to the lowest levels since January.

2009-11-30T10:05:53-06:00November 30, 2009|MBS Quoteline Newsletter|

We see the trade as continuing to be range bound

Technically, the weakness overnight traded to the low end of the range before boot strapping itself up this morning. We see the trade as continuing to be range bound, bracketed by 3.52% on the high yield side (10 year note) and 3.42% on the low side. Any move outside of these parameters will move the market for at least 1 point and a good ½ point in Austin mortgage pricing. Month end supply (112 billion) and a spooky FOMC policy statement sideswipe tilt our bias.

2009-09-22T18:44:21-05:00September 22, 2009|Austin Mortgage Market|