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Austin mortgage borrowers are advised to take advantage of rate improvement we see as the skies have yet to clear

With the elections and the Fed meeting next week to hopefully clarify QE2, things could get wild. We also have the Employment report for October a week from tomorrow. Austin mortgage borrowers are advised to take advantage of any rate improvement we see as the skies have yet to clear.

2010-10-28T18:25:32-05:00October 28, 2010|Austin Mortgage Market|

No Change from Fed

In a week full of major economic news, mortgage rates ended with little change. Wednesday's Fed meeting produced little reaction in mortgage markets. The PPI inflation report was higher than expected, but the more closely watched CPI report was right on target, remaining at low levels. Economic troubles in some developing nations produced a flight to safer assets, which helped mortgage markets late in the wee

2009-12-18T11:53:19-06:00December 18, 2009|MBS Quoteline Newsletter|

Austin Mortgage Rates Improve

Since the Fed meeting on Wednesday of last week, Austin mortgage rates have improved a little each day. There was no major economic data released during the week, and even a weak 30-yr Treasury auction on Thursday failed to stall the rally in mortgage markets. As a result, Austin mortgage rates ended the week moderately lower.

2009-11-13T15:02:53-06:00November 13, 2009|MBS Quoteline Newsletter|

Record Auctions Produce Mixed Results

While daily volatility was high this week, Austin mortgage rates ended just slightly lower than last week. The primary factors influencing Austin mortgage rates were offsetting. The economic growth data released this week was stronger than expected, but inflation remained low. While the first two Treasury auctions produced impressive results, the final one was relatively weak.

2009-10-30T15:57:24-05:00October 30, 2009|MBS Quoteline Newsletter|

Dow Crosses Above 10,000

Stronger than expected economic data, solid earnings reports, and upward revisions to the Fed's growth forecast propelled the Dow stock index above the 10,000 level for the first time since October 2008. However, these same factors were unfavorable for Austin mortgage rates, and they ended the week modestly higher.

2009-10-16T18:15:14-05:00October 16, 2009|MBS Quoteline Newsletter|