It’s only 10:30 in Texas and yet I’m dizzy from the market’s roller coaster ride.  Early morning trading (stocks) got a boost from a better than expected Q2 GDP.  Consensus had the release pegged at plus 1.4% while the print came in at plus 1.6%.  Still anemic but better than expected.  As stocks rallied, bonds took a dip.  Mortgage backs held in nicely, only falling about 3/32’s as the 10 year note was off 16/32’s.

Then came Ben, giving a speech at the Kansas Fed meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  Stock traders were looking for a policy statement change.  Don’t know why as it wasn’t the right place or time.  What they got was a 17 page speech of old news.  Statements about battling deflation, low mortgage interest rates for and extended period of time, and using every tool if the economy deteriorates further is all they got.  Consequence, stocks tank and bonds rally.

Trouble with that market move is that it didn’t last long.  Once again, value buyers emerged in stocks, taking the Dow up over 100 points as we speak.  Treasuries and mortgage backs have taken a turn for the nurse, down 31/32’s on the 10 year note while current coupon MBS are off 12 to 16/32’s.  Whether this is mortgage bankers unloading August originations or just fixed income traders taking profits, no one knows.  We do know that and end of day close at higher yields (current pricing) will neutralize all bullish trend intensity signals on all time frames (60 minutes through Weekly).

We see this as an early warning sign that risk reward is not in your favor, Austin mortgage borrowers.  Overall sentiment and economic fundamentals will continue to support a low interest rate environment but not without corrections and volatile conditions.  Technically, the price action looks like a topping formation so be very careful out there.  Use the live dog instead of the dead lion school of deciding when to lock in your Austin mortgage rate.  It makes for a better night’s sleep!