Both bonds and stocks look like “My little Runaway” this morning.  Not exactly what Del Shannon had in mind when the song went to # 1 (1961) but fitting just the same.  Stocks up 200, 10 year note up 42/32’s, and mortgage backs plus 14/32’s are all benefactors of the “Bernanke trade.”

After yesterday’s FOMC meeting, it became apparent that the Fed would pull out all the stops in an effort to get the economy and employment going again.  “Asset” purchases are all the rage as the government is once again the buyer of choice (treasuries).  Stocks love the idea of free money and a weakening dollars, boosting value in equities across the board.

Gold is up $40.00 as well, pricing in heightened expectations of inflation down the road.  Seems to me that the Chairman and the Prez met by the water cooler and the conversation when something like this.  “Ben, I’m in a tough spot here, my party just got its head handed to it and unemployment is nearly 10%, now I’m not telling you what to do but……… I need a game changer.  What you say we fire up the printing press and go on a buying spree.  Just a thought.”

In the news, Weekly Unemployment Claims jumped 20K to 457K while 3rd Quarter Productivity rose 1.9%.  No one noticed as traders were too busy trying to buy bonds and stocks.  With the Employment Report for October due out at 7:30 am cst tomorrow, the prudent thing for Austin mortgage borrowers is to lock their Austin mortgage rates now.

Given that we are at the best levels in a month, your timing couldn’t be better in front of such a high profile release.  We’ll preview the Employment Report early this afternoon.

Technically, trading has been a whipsaw affair.  You will notice the downdraft yesterday (post FOMC) and the reversal this morning.  Typically a good indication the market has run its course in the short run, especially in front of the high profile data coming tomorrow.  Just the same, this baby is a bull and will be well supported into year-end given the Fed and their reloaded check book.  Call the market neutral/bullish.  Take advantage as the Employment trade is always volatile.