No news today but lots to talk about.  The market dipped at the open on higher European Stocks and the Euro zone working with Greece to save its soul.   Take a look at mortgage delinquencies, up 21% year on year.  The FDIC asset backed sale is somewhat of a puzzle.  Seems as though the timing is poor.  Fed President Hoenig is making hawkish comments that the Fed should not guarantee markets with an extended period of low rates – zero rates are not sustainable and extended low rates may cause problems later.  At the same time, he is sounding like a dove, commenting  that he is very worried about unemployment and the long term position of the U.S. economy, deficits, and excess reserves.

Speaking of unemployment, Friday’s number could be as weird as it gets.  With the consensus call for job losses of 50K, a number of economists are talking about 100K in losses with John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics, calling for losses of 250K.  Blame it on the weather.  With spreads so wide you could drive a truck through them, Friday’s print will be one volatile ride.  After being down as much as 7/32’s this morning. Mortgage backs have crept back a few 32’s.  Stocks have been up 30 to 40 points most of the day and the 10 year note now trades at 3.62%.  Honestly, most markets are as quiet as a church mouse! Call it neutral, treading water until the next headline breaks.