by Josh Davis

The financial situation that the world is facing these days many people are trying to find a way to save, save, save. To save more money it is a great idea to make your home energy efficient. Your monthly hydro bill will be decreased if you make your home energy efficient.

Insulation is a key to maintain the comfort of your house inside. If you have the right insulation put into your home you will see your power bills drop. But to have your home insulated well you must also have your floors, ceiling, basement walls, overhangs, and interior walls insulated. When air can leak in it is costing you money. Make certain that all of the cracks and the crevices are sealed.

You can help make your home energy efficient by replacing your lighting fixtures with energy efficient models. You should make use of your dimmer switches also because this saves energy and money. Another great way to save on your power bill and make you home energy efficient is to open up your curtians and blinds and let some natural light pour in.

When you are using your home appliances you are using a lot of energy. The best way to save energy here is to shop for new appliances that have the energy star. The expense of these appliances might be more but in the end you will be saving.

One of the best ways to make your home energy efficient is to install solar panels. They use natural resources to create energy. Solar panels can come in the form of a solar thermal collectors that help the suns energy heat water. What a great way to use the suns energy.

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