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monetary policy

Austin mortgage rates declined during the week, reaching the lowest levels of the year

This week, uncertainty about the pace of the economic recovery caused investors to shift to relatively safer assets, including government insured mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Also positive for mortgage markets, the economic data released this week showed that inflation remains extremely low. As a result, mortgage rates declined during the week, reaching the lowest levels of the year.

Austin Mortgage Rates Improve

Since the Fed meeting on Wednesday of last week, Austin mortgage rates have improved a little each day. There was no major economic data released during the week, and even a weak 30-yr Treasury auction on Thursday failed to stall the rally in mortgage markets. As a result, Austin mortgage rates ended the week moderately lower.

Auctions and Fed Drive Austin Mortgage Rates

Recently, Fed officials have sent mixed signals about how soon the Fed may need to begin to tighten monetary policy. Wednesday, the Fed's Hoenig said that the Fed should begin raising interest rates "sooner rather than later," and that this action wouldn't end the economic recovery. He explained that the Fed has a long way to go just to return to a neutral monetary stance and that it will take a while for the impact of rate hikes to be felt. Thursday evening, Bernanke held with the stated view that low rates will likely be justified for "an extended period", but he added that the Fed will be ready to remove stimulus as the economy recovers. When the Fed eventually indicates that it's ready to act, Austin mortgage rates will be likely to move higher.