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Austin Mortgage Rates Helped by Weak Jobs Data

Weak Employment data and increased expectations for Fed monetary easing were favorable for Austin mortgage rates this week. Investors have priced in a high likelihood of additional Treasury security purchases by the Fed, which would increase demand for mortgage-backed securities (MBS). As a result, Austin mortgage rates declined to a new record low.

Data Turns Austin Mortgage Rates Higher

After falling for several weeks, stronger than expected economic data caused Austin mortgage rates to turn a little higher late this week. Upside surprises in important labor market, housing, and manufacturing reports were negative for the Austin mortgage market and positive for stocks.

Jobs Report Falls Short

The big economic news this week was Friday's Employment data, which fell short of Wall Street forecasts and pushed mortgage rates lower. Investors continued to watch the situation in Europe, but there were no major market moving developments. Due to a rally on Friday, Austin mortgage rates ended the week lower.

Austin mortgage rates declined during the week, reaching the lowest levels of the year

This week, uncertainty about the pace of the economic recovery caused investors to shift to relatively safer assets, including government insured mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Also positive for mortgage markets, the economic data released this week showed that inflation remains extremely low. As a result, mortgage rates declined during the week, reaching the lowest levels of the year.

EU Announces Larger Aid Package

The biggest economic news this week was that the EU will provide a much larger aid package than previously announced. On Monday, this news caused investors to move funds to riskier assets and out of safer investments such as bonds. This week's economic data contained few surprises. Later in the week, successful results for the long-term Treasury auctions helped bond markets, and mortgage rates ended the week near the lowest levels of the year.