Austin Energy Audit Ordinance

Quick Facts About Austin’s Mandatory Energy Audits

Energy Audit FactsOrdinance at-a-glance

  • Takes effect June 1, 2009 (applies to any deed that transfers on or after this date)
  • Seller must disclose to a prospective buyer the results of an energy audit of the home at the same time the seller makes the other disclosures required under Texas law
  • Applies to most single family residences (four units or less) that receive electricity from Austin Electric Utility

Who does the ordinance apply to?

Any property that meets the following criteria must be audited before it is sold:

  • The house must be ten years or older
  • Receives electricity from Austin Energy and is within the Austin city limits

What will the Audit cover?

  • Duct blasting (measures air leakage in ducting)
  • Attic insulation depth and R-value
  • Efficiency of heating and cooling equipment
  • Presence of solar screens and other energy efficiency measures

Who is qualified to do Audits?

  • Auditors must hold Certification through RESNET or BPI (Building Performance Institute)
  • Auditors must be registered with Austin Energy

What will the Audit cost?

  • The cost of the audit starts around $275 for homes under 2,000 sq. ft.

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