Global economic news influenced United States mortgage markets this week. While the domestic data released during the week was mixed, an improved economic outlook in many other countries was unfavorable for bond markets. As a result, Austin mortgage rates ended the week a little higher.

In recent weeks, Austin mortgage rates have fallen to the lowest levels in decades. This has occurred, in part, due to the economic troubles in Europe, which reduced the willingness of investors to hold risky assets such as stocks. During periods of uncertainty, it’s common for investors to seek a higher level of relatively safer assets, including United States mortgage backed securities (MBS). On Thursday, however, a series of global headlines from Europe, Asia, and Australia contained positive news for economic growth, which caused investors to move back toward riskier assets and out of bonds. The stock market rallied, and Austin mortgage rates moved higher.

On Thursday, lawmakers introduced a proposal which, if passed, will extend the “close-by” deadline to receive the home buyer tax credit from June 30 to September 30. The legislation doesn’t affect who may qualify for the tax credit. To qualify, you still must have signed a contract by April 30, but it will relieve some of the pressure to close by June 30. Buyers who had not expected to close by June 30 may now be able to qualify.