We’d all like to blog more. It’s a great way for professionals to get new clients and referral partners and stay connected to existing clients. But many people feel the process of writing a blog post takes up too much time. Well, here are five simple tips to help you put that blog post together in about 15 minutes, no kidding!

1. Keep an ongoing list of topics. Got a great idea for your blog? Write it down. Email it to yourself or use Google Docs to create a free file you can add to any time and access anywhere, since it’s “in the cloud,” on their servers.

2. Search to get inspired. It’s a good idea to look up a topic on one of the search engines and take a quick peek at what others are saying about it. This should get your ideas flowing. You don’t want to copy someone else’s post, but you can quote them or include a link to their info.

3. Make a quick outline to start. Think of a blog post as your chance to make a few straightforward points. Three to seven items is all you need to relay. Edit your list, getting rid of anything that isn’t key. Now jot down a sentence or two on each item. Keep the whole post brief and to the point. People have short attention spans, especially on the Web.

4. Pick your own signature elements. It’s great to show your style by always including an interesting image or maybe a chart, and close with your own friendly invite to get in touch. Take a few minutes to put in whichever of these elements you regularly use.

5. Proofread your content before you post! Don’t post without reading what you’ve just written. Professional writers suggest reading your content aloud to help you catch mistakes. If someone else is around, have them quickly read your post. You’ll be surprised how useful that can be.

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming and it can do a lot for your business. Try these tips and see for yourself…. Have a great month!