Maybe the economic “porridge” is moving from the freezer to the microwave.  Case in point is today’s data, Pending Home Sales plus 5.2%, Factory Orders plus .1%, and Weekly Jobless Claims falling 6K.  That triple play comes on the heels of yesterday’s better than expected manufacturing numbers, giving stock traders a little more confidence to stick a toe back in the water.

Tomorrow will be “the day” as the monster Employment Report for August will be released (7:30 am cst).  Not only is it the highest profile report of the month, but given the mixed economic data and volatile trading of late, everyone will be focused like a laser on this one.  I would not be surprised to see a 250 to 300 point swing on the Dow tomorrow.  Trouble is, which way?  Tactical bias points to soft numbers, something in the neighborhood of minus 100K jobs and the unemployment rate to print 9.7%.

Today’s trade is a continuation of yesterday’s selling, albeit at a slower pace.  10 year note off 11/32’s, mortgage backs off 11/32’s in low note rate conventional, and stocks up a few points on the day.  Expect the day to be one of “squaring up” for traders in both bonds and stocks, with not much movement seen from current levels.  Best bet for Austin mortgage borrowers is to lock in their interest rate.  It just makes cents (and dollars too).