After a early morning rally due to stocks falling into the abyss, both stocks and bonds are reversing course.  The stock slide was the result of earnings and lack of top line revenues by the likes of J & J and Goldman Sachs.  IBM posted the same type of results, hitting bottom line earnings but with a negative revenue bias going forward.

At the open, the Dow fell 150 plus while the 10 year note and mortgage backs jumped 5 to 7/32’s.  As we speak, the 10 year note is plus 6/32’s, mortgage backs up 2/32’s, and the Dow off only 50 something.  With most markets being in a period of high volatility, anything can happen.  That’s why I’ll cut this short and tell you that the market is 1 to 2/32’s away from a worsening Austin mortgage price change.  Be careful out there.