It’s that time of year again – tax time!  One way to lower your property taxes is to file your Homestead exemption form.  By filing this form, you can reduce the taxable amount of your property’s value and thus reduce the amount of taxes you will have to pay in future years.

Below, you will find the Homestead exemption form you need to fill out and mail to the County Tax Assessor’s Office.

  • You need to file this form only once.
  • The deadline to file your application is April 30th.

If you have not already begun receiving offers in the mail, you can expect to soon receive mail from companies saying they will file the Homestead form for a fee.  THIS IS A SCAM; filing the Homestead form is free!

Don’t forget: on your tax return, you can deduct the amount of interest and property taxes you have paid as well as some of the fees you paid at closing.  I would recommend contacting your CPA for more information.

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