Just another day at the office; Dow off 250 points, Naz down 68 points, 10 year note up 1 point, and mortgage backs up 8/32’s. The markets are anything but normal.

Take for example this morning’s release of Weekly Unemployment Claims which rose 25K. Most thought the jobs situation was stabilizing. China seemed as though it’s growth would never slow. Now their slowdown is very real and the Shanghai Index chart (Chinese Stocks) has turned bearish. Greek’s have once again taken to the streets, looking for another bank to burn. Seems as though they are not in love with the austerity plan. When will Europe and our country for that matter figure out that when more people are riding in the wagon than pulling it, we have a problem. Off the soap box, on to the news.

The Weekly Claims number was a shocker. Analysts had expected a drop to 440K, not the 471K print. Continuing Claims dipped however, but not to the levels we were looking for. Not so good for the economy but good for Austin mortgage rates. Stocks are now in 10% correction mode from the highs. Another 5% is certainly possible. Leading Economic Indicators for April were also released, down .1%. The index fell for the first time in a year, adding insult to injury as far as stocks are concerned.

Last but not least, the Philly Fed Manufacturing Index rose 1.2% to 21.4. Looks like things are improving in the city of brotherly love. With Austin mortgage rates/pricing at the best levels of the year and the 10 year note hitting 2010 low yields, the time is right for borrowers to lock in their Austin mortgage rates.

We feel the market has priced in a ton of bad news. Not that it can’t get worse because we all know that’s possible. Just the same, it will take more and more negative news to drive the trade to lower yields. Given all of our oscillator work, we see a very overbought market. One that’s ripe for a correction. At the same time, until investors feel certain that the world will not come to an end, yields will not rise much. Perfect time for Austin borrowers to use the exclusive float down program offered by Max Leaman at PrimeLending Austin. Call Max at (512) 293-1239.