Dow down 21 points, Naz down a few, gold higher, oil lower (nearly $2.00), and bonds/mortgage backs/10 year note off to the races.  All the data this morning was “economically challenged” except for a few bright spots in the Case Shiller report (hats off to San Diego/San Fran/ and LA).  Stocks are climbing a wall of worry with over 70% of the analyst’s bearish to neutral.  Tough market to handicap as just when you think a top is near, it isn’t (bond trading).

There will come a day, one when a report comes out of the blue with good economic news.  That will be when the market turns.  That day is not today.  With yields at or approaching historic yields, Austin mortgage borrowers are advised to lock their interest rates with our float down feature.  Doing so has treated Austin mortgage borrowers very well the past few months.