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8 Ways to Secure Your Computer on Public WiFi Connections

8 Ways to Secure Your Computer on Public WiFi Connections – Business today is fast moving and most of us work in a mobile environment. We love the proliferation of public Wi-Fi hotspots that let us check emails and go on the internet at coffee shops and other locations outside the home and office. But the truth is, when you’re on these public networks, your laptop could become an open book to a hacker sitting out in the parking lot. Continue reading

Twelve keys to exceptional email campaigns

Twelve keys to exceptional email campaigns: 1. Get permission. 2. Keep the frequency reasonable. 3. Respect people’s privacy. 4. Design for deliverability. 5. Check to see that it’s all getting through. 6. Test. 7. Define your value proposition. 8. Segment your list. 9. Personalize if you can. 10. Get mobile, get social. 11. Survey your readers. 12. Stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

How to Grow Your Business – Find One Extra Hour a Day

Summer’s over, so it’s back to school for the kids and back to business for the rest of us. As you take a look at what lies ahead, it’s easy to come to the conclusion there simply isn’t enough time to get everything you want accomplished. You can’t squeeze one more day out of the week or one more week out of the year, but you can find an extra hour each day without much trouble at all. Continue reading

How to Make Direct Mail Effective and Drive Traffic to Your Website

People think the online and off-line worlds don’t mix, when in fact they can work very well together. Research last year revealed that direct mail influenced 76% of Web users to buy a product or service online. And remember, direct mail offers dependable, direct access to almost everyone in your target audience. Continue reading

Make yourself newsworthy and get more media coverage!

Publicity can heighten awareness and “buzz” about you, giving your business a real boost. Media coverage gives you the kind of credibility you just can’t get from ads and brochures. So how can you get the media interested in you? Continue reading

5 ways to make your website more effective

It’s important for real estate agents and agencies to keep their Web sites fresh and updated. From Google’s perspective, your website should be a growing resource, with accurate content. But what should you change to make your site work harder? Here are some things to do. Continue reading

Reviews of 4 Hosting Companies – Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of HostGator, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Host Depot from a developer with first-hand experience. How each hosting company handles contact forms, mail, redirects, technical support, FTP connect, password-protecting folders, installing blogs. Continue reading

A leading indicator for Austin home prices? Follow the rents!

The big question for home buyers and sellers today is: “Where are Austin home prices headed?” People want to know if now is a good time to buy or sell, or if they should wait. Continue reading

Use these Google shortcuts and get better results!

Use these Google shortcuts and get better results! Finding information through Google can sometimes take longer than you’d like. Here are some time-saving tips to get you just what you’re looking for. Continue reading

6 Ways to Boost Business at the End of the Year

There’s just a few weeks left before the close of the year, but that’s plenty of time to finish up strong. Here are a half a dozen ideas that can help you get more out of this year AND set you up for even bigger success in 2010. Continue reading