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Data Turns Austin Mortgage Rates Higher

After falling for several weeks, stronger than expected economic data caused Austin mortgage rates to turn a little higher late this week. Upside surprises in important labor market, housing, and manufacturing reports were negative for the Austin mortgage market and positive for stocks.

Austin Mortgage Rates Remain Low

The economic environment for Austin mortgage rates was little changed this week. Weaker than expected economic data and continued low inflation supported low Austin mortgage rates, and investor demand for bonds remained high. As a result, Austin mortgage rates again ended the week a little lower.

Current economic conditions supportive of low Austin mortgage rates

A slow economic recovery and the possibility of a Fed policy change helped Austin mortgage rates move a little lower again this week. As a result of recent weak economic data, the Fed is reportedly considering the purchase of additional mortgage-backed securities (MBS) to replace maturing securities. These factors, along with limited inflation, make current economic conditions supportive of low Austin mortgage rates.